11 April 2012

Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud

Natural Collection are actually a 'Boot's Brand' where all product's are £1.99+.  The price may make people a little dubious of spending so little and therefore not expecting much quality. I actually find their product's to be really good for only 2 of my English pound's.
I actually used to have quite a few of their blusher's when I was 'younger' but I lost them when I moved. I'm sure this is the blush  I used to use when I was in school and wasn't really bothered about make-up. It just prove's it can suit many skin tone's, I'm much much paler now then what I was and it still suit's me. When I picked this up in store all of them were rattling because the pan wasn't glued on to the plastic, but it's nothing a bit of glue couldn't sort when I got home so no problem.
I'm glad I re-discovered this little blush because It really is my perfect shade, in the light it's a light standard pink but when swatched it look's a shade darker but still so pretty. I'm sure this is matte, I can't see any shimmer in the pan, I like it like that though- it give's a pretty natural look on the cheek's.

It is quite sheer and does feel cheaper but it's still decent quality. People used to more high end blusher's will feel the difference.

Have you got any Natural Collection blushes? What's you favourite shade?


  1. I do not have any of the blushes but own a few lipsticks which I think are great!xx

    1. I love their lipstick's too, really good for the price! xx

  2. I have this and n other colours. They are really good for the price(:

    You have great pictures, very clear!

  3. I like the shade, I actually don't mind buying budget blushers, I would prefer spending more on other products instead!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  4. I have Dusky Pink & Peach Melba, they're really nice especially for the price but can feel a little chalky compared to my favourite Benefit ones! PM is a gorgeous colour though, I'd recommend that particularly for pale skin :) x

    1. I really want to try Peach Melba, I know what you mean- this can sometimes come off a little bit chalky!


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