22 April 2012

Week in photo's 15th-22nd April

Found my old S-Club concert ticket, Woof assisting a diy, Rainbow, DIY! pretty tom's, Pop Tart's, Another DIY (Post here), Sleepy kitty, New Levi jacket, Finally got MUA's blusher, Wonka nerd's, holo-ness!

It's rained so much this week then turnt to hot sunshine in the next minute which has been so weird, certainly 'April shower's'seen many rainbow's! Also feel like I've spent half the week in standstill traffic which hasn't been the loveliest. I've began more DIY's this week which I haven't done in age's, I love diy-ing. Half the time it stresses me out where I'm so ocd but it's lush, I'll try to write some post's on them and blog.
Been swatching most of the holographic polishes for my sjmwell nails site this week I'll hopefully be posting more shade's on here in the next few day's and maybe in newsletter's if you've signed up on the homepage!

Have a lovely coming week!



  1. Ah, S Club 7, Poptarts and Nerds - childhood revisited xo

  2. wowww those toms are cute! x


  3. I am dying for S Club 7 to get back together, they are literally my life! those toms are really nice too xx

  4. Mmmmm nerds are amazing! :p Great post chick xoxo

  5. Love Nerd lollies, they were my favourite lollies as a kid xx

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