8 April 2012

Week in photo's 1st-8th April

Lemon Ice, Duck's on the beach, Cream tea, Woof want's to play,  Current favourite book, Spring Clean, Miss Guided treat, blahGrowing fruit & vegetables, Birthday Celebration's, Colour Tattoo's, Cute wagtail

Didn't have a chance to post last week's round up so today's is a mash up of last and this week.
Starting to become a bit green fingered this week, going to attempt to grow Pumpkin's, potatoes and what not. Usually I just stick to the easy strawberries & tomatoes but feeling adventurous this year. Had a major wardrobe tidy up too, out goes the granny cardi's & jumper's and in more dresses and vest's. Last year I moaned I had zero nice cardigan's but I think  know, I brought load's of knitted goodies in charity shop's last winter, It piled very high & I just didn't realise how much knitwear I really have, oop's...
Also been reading Jazz Domino Holly' book this weekend and I love it, my mum got it out at the library for me (know's me well) and it literally is the book I've been searching for, for age's. It's full of diy & crafty goodness and basically my idea of perfection & full of how-to's. I'm so buying a copy and keeping it for future references!  
And of course it'd be rude to say no to Lemon ice when the sun is shining.

Have an 'Egg-celent' week everyone!
(That was bad, wasn't it?)



  1. Great week in photo's, i love reading these posts(:


  2. Great photos ! Now I want that ice cream :D

    x Satu

    Indie by Heart

  3. The lemon ice-cream looks so good, I thought it was cornish when I first saw the photo but lemon sounds even more tempting xx


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