29 April 2012

Week in photo's 22nd-29th April

Going for the comfy driving attire, Treat's for friend's in Oz',
 Whats new Puddy cat, Distressing!, Future D.I.Y'S Yay!,
 Theory Test Revision, Making good time of being in traffic, Bored while waiting for my lesson, British french fancies, Woof assisting a D.I.Y, Old school times, Pretty large moon when in traffic

I've only just realised some of these photo's are one's I took while In traffic, well I suppose It's what I spent my week doing haha. These denim short's I started last weekend have kept me busy all week when I had some spare time, although my hand's are starting to get sore, I literally un ravelled all the jean & cotton to fray them one by one x 4 (each leg) owch. Found out after most people just hack with scissor's to get some fraying... "oh." and then "distressed" them which didn't make my hand's any better. Will be needing lot's of Hand cream this coming week! 
I mentioned about my theory test in a Weekly round up a while back now which was when I was sort of revising while taking lesson's, but this week I took the plunge and booked myself in for a test this Tuesday. I've been really wanting to just get it over with and done but then any mention of it I get super nervous. I sort of grew up being asked what sign's meant on long journeys which has actually came in so handy, but i'm still so so nervous on it all- repeatedly testing myself on stopping distances every day and taking a mock test 6 times a day, uh. I feel like i'm sitting my gcse's again haha, test's make me so nervous. Which is also why I've only blogged once this week, I even found myself not even tweeting (shock horror.)  I just wanted to "try" and concentrate on revising for it. Hopefully I come home Tuesday evening super happy and not in a crappy mood.

Brought some dye's for a D.I.Y project in the next week, which I'm quite excited to do and will hopefully blog about if It turn's out decent. 

Have a lovely week everyone! (wish me luck :/)


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