15 April 2012

Week in photo's 8th-15th April

Bargain fur coat for £5, Seafront, Hershey's & rhubarb custard sweet's, Beetlejuice, Favourite shoes sold out again, smile!,
US OF A, favourite summer shade, feet, chocolate, Costa Cream Cooler, Doily's

To sum this week up would be eventful but full of bargain's. My mum and I went on our Charity shop run (which consists of us going to a few town's around us in their charity shop's) it's lovely and I really enjoy hunting for bargain's with her.  Didn't return with as many goodies as last time, however I did find some lace doily's in our favourite vintage/antique shop and picked some up, then went in a charity shop and saw them for only 50p each, ah! I'd been searching for some doily's for absolutely ages and have had no luck so I now have 11 in total, is it weird for a 17 year old to want lace doily's? most probably, they just remind me of my nan and always seeing them as a child and I just think they look pretty. Continuing our bargain filled week we went to a market for a browse another day & I saw these usa & stripe legging's- I'd seen them on ebay & other online shop's but they were about £14 each and I knew they would be transparent so I just didn't get any. Was a little excited when I saw these for only £5 each and a quarter of what online places want, bargain. Also popped in one of my favourite charity shop's- I never leave this shop without picking up something which is so rare but I love it. I had a little browse at their sale rail and saw this fur coat, it had £10 on the label and it would have been silly to not pick it up at such a good price. Then we realised it said "all items half price" which made it £5. I've never found such a good bargain. I paid 3 times that on the fur coat I blogged about here and thought that was a good price so I was really happy, especially when you see them for £40+ in 'Vintage stores' all this time I've been hunting for one for ages too.
Tried a Costa Creamy Cooler for the first time this week, I'm generally more of a Starbuck's lover if I'm honest, it just tasted of iced milk and not so much vanilla so I'm sticking to nice frappucino's from now on.

Do you prefer weekly round-up's with, well... a bit of a round up paragraph? I don't want to bore anyone with long paragraph's on these post's but I sometimes don't know whether to write much or not, would love your opinion's! 

I hope you all had a nice week as always!


  1. AHHHR, I LOVE POTATOE SMILIES mmm yes, proper craving some now! that fur coat looks gorgeous, and such a bargain too! :) xo

    1. Aw thank's for your lovely comment!
      I haven't had smilies since I was young, felt like a kid again haha!


  2. Doilys are so pretty, I love weekly photo update posts! Following you with Hellocotton!


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