31 May 2012

What I wore #010 // Cut out wedges

T-shirt- DIY (post here), Skirt- Miss Guided, Shoes- Ebay

I do realise I cut my head out of every shot I took (oops) but this is what happen's when I attempt at using a tripod, who want's to be hired to take photo's for me, I'll pay in Starbuck's drink's? haha.
I really love how my top turnt out, I've never done tie dye before so I was just doing rubber band's wherever (see photo here) and dunking it in some dye where I fancied it. I've got so many photo's I need to arrange for diy post's lately, I have some sort of addiction to making thing's.

I'm not going to wear these shoes to go shopping or anything- I like my ankles the way they are trust me, I'm a converse girl- But these babies arrived the other month and I was so excited to try them on, I love them so much I just want to wear them all the time,- I just love how they make my leg's look so much nicer.

I just need a good ol' party to get the chance to wear these now.

I've also been on the look out for a good basic black skirt that I could wear with anything ready for college around the time all the pleated skirt's were coming out Primark etc. But I just didn't buy one. When I saw this on Miss Guided I thought it was perfect; sheer, nice length, black and a good price so picked it up when they had free next day delivery. It can make my hip's look alot wider then they are sometimes which is a pain but it's the way most skirt's like this are. 

Also showing my leg's, something I tend not to do ever. My friend used to constantly tell me to wear something without tight's, here goes.


29 May 2012

Ombre gradient nails

Barry M- 'Strawberry', Barry M- 'Raspberry', No 7- 'Pink Grapefruit', ELF- 'Gum pink', Nail's Inc by Fabulous magazine- 'OMP!'

At 10pm I attempted ombre nail's, My ombre loving way's has now gone from dip dye hair, denim, shirt's and now my nail's. I was going to just paint stripes and do a gradient but I felt adventurous so I tried to do pink ombre and I love how they turnt out, It took me 2 hour's but so worth it, In person they actually look alot better & fade.
Even though Barry m's light pink tend's to turn into a streaky mess on me usually, it painted on nicely so i've changed my first thought's from last year!

I might do a tutorial on this, yes/no?
Do you like the ombre trend?

27 May 2012

Week in photo's 13th-27th May

Yummiest Ice cream in Essex, I couponed, right sized Tom's, attempted a video,
Jubilee Inspired bread, woof under my Tri-pod, A stone of Pizza, Yum,
T.V to make me feel better, favourite's, marshmallow making, Tom's, Huge bird of prey in garden, Woof the Gardener,
Mum's Heart flower's, Job interview outfit?

I didn't post my week in photo's last week, to be honest I've had so much going on the past 2 week's, it basically down-falled from being sick all night one night and has gone on one thing after the other. Trying to keep myself busy and get lot's done- just simply not enough hour's in the day.

One really good thing is I had an interview yesterday which is so exciting, I really hope I get it ~crosses finger's & toes~

Hope y'all had a sun-tastic week! x


26 May 2012

What I wore #009 // interview edition

Had my first job interview today (Thank you to all the lovely ladies who wished me luck via Twitter!) and after having such a crazy week what to wear was the last thing on my mind, but this is what I wore- pretty simple there wasn't much need for a full blown office suit~
For once I actually straightened my hair & made an effort with it, usually it's stuck up in a messy bun unless I'm taking photo's for the blog.
Might do a little post on my favourite hair care item's as even though I don't "style" my hair I love my hair care item's!
Didn't manage to get a full length shot but I just wore a pair of skinny's which were a cotton/denim material.

25 May 2012

DIY Friday: Homemade marshmallow recipe

I've never done a recipe on the blog before but there's a first for everything!
I love cooking but with my blog being a beauty/fashion blog I wasn't sure whether to post it or not, alot of people tweeted saying yes (which I really didn't expect so thank you!) so here it is...


22 May 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo- On & On Bronze

£4.99, Boot's

Little bit late on this bandwagon but I kept forgetting to photograph it!
Like other people trying to get hold of these pot's it was pretty much impossible, online it was sold out in every colour and any Superdrug I went in they only had the blue shade. I did actually want to pick up the 'Permanant Taupe' shade but they didn't have it anywhere so I picked this bronzed shade up. 
For a few day's I wasn't quite sure just how I was going to make this colour wearable on me, I usually stick to super neutral shades not bronze, but one day I just thought of wearing this as liner and it look's gorgeous in person. 
It does contain lot's of glitter, you only need to swatch the tiniest amount and rub it off just to see all the glitter clinging to everything, so it can sometimes irritate my eyes if I apply to much.

It's so soft and such a creamy pigmented formula, you only need to touch it gently and you have load's to use. I haven't worn this for 24hour's straight so I can't say if it lives to the claim's but it does stay on all day until I decide to take it off in the evening, it's still as perfect as when I applied it, no smudges and it certainly didn't budge. I really want to pick up the 'Immortal Charcoal' and use it as a black eyeliner because it stay's so well.

Overall, I love this- I may not wear it everyday but when I do I love how it look's as liner, it may be a small pot but it will last me so long. Just make sure the pot lid is screwed on tight, I couldn't swatch any in store because they had completely dried up & ruined where the lid's were off constantly. 

Have you tried this? Do you like them?


18 May 2012

DIY Friday Tie dye tee

I've never attempted to tie dye anything before, but I just decided to throw some band's where ever and made my shirt look like a minature person. I actually popped some rubber gloves over the sleeves so I could dye them blue which actually worked much better then I thought it would. It's made me want to make load's more, I do realise half my summer wardrobe is going to be dip dye, tie dye and studded this year... opp's. I ended up buying the shirt 2 sizes to big for me but it actually look's a lot nicer then I thought it would.

Posted an outfit post wearing this here!

Hoping to start posting a DIY  Friday... each Friday, hopefully I don't run out of thing's to diy, it seem's I'm doing alot lately!
Do you like tie dye? Have you tried it before?

16 May 2012

What I wore #008

Necklace- Topshop, Levi Jacket- Ebay, Legging's- Topshop

Still can't believe I managed to pick this Levi jacket up for just £10, I've seen some really expensive ones on vtg online stores. It's huge on me because it's men's but this will be so nice with lot's of layer's in the winter, woo.
Still trying to work out the best way to wear these legging's, so I'm sticking to basic top's etc.

14 May 2012

Barry M Mint Green notd

Barry M is my all time favourite and go to brand when it comes to nail polish, they're all just so perfect. I actually have a whole shelf just of his polish which is a bit extreme when It compares to other polish brand's I have. 
I suppose you could say I forgot about my good old Barry M polishes for a while, I dabbled in OPI polishes with all their wonderful collection's. 
For £2.99 you can't go wrong, you only need a few coat's of polish to get perfection- except the lighter colour's like the baby pink he does which is so hard to get to look nice- that's the only polish I'm not fond of.
This mint green is so perfect for summer and it brighten's up any outfit when I wear it, this and coral are my two main go to summer shade's apart from a few favourite's from Rimmel I like.

Re-finding my love for Barry M polishes has made me want to pick up a few more in celebration, especially the new magnetic one's, anyone tried them?

Do you like this shade? What's your favourite Barry M polish colour you'd recommend? 


13 May 2012

Week in photo's 6TH-13th MAY

Feeling Summery, New Glitter Gal polishes on SjmwellNails, Outfit photo's, Train Pass case,
Afternoon Painting, Giveaway prize from Frances, Topshop treat, The yummiest biscuit's, Tie dying (post soon),
 new shoes, dip dye short's (post soon)

Had a day full of diy the other day which literally left me aching where I was lent over a bucket with fabric dye for 4hour's (ow.) But the outcome was sort of achingly worth it, Just going through the photo's to upload and will post hopefully this week!
I also have the most beautiful shoes to add to my collection yes they're incredibly high and when I first tried them on I felt odd, and was even taller then my dad (which is crazy.) I just need an excuse to go out and wear these now, I love them so much.
I also won a giveaway over on the lovely Frances blog and after wearing the cream blush from Topshop today in 'Head over heel's' I loved it, I can't wait to keep using it and post a review- I really want to pick up a few more colour's because it looked so naturally lovely on my cheek's. 

I'm off to go attempt to make marshmallow now, like you do on a Sunday- Have a lovely week!


10 May 2012

Vivo Under eye roll on concealer

From selected Tesco Stores

When I first picked this up I instantly thought of the one Garnier brought out age's ago, I may do a little comparison post soon.

This was the first thing I picked up when I browsed the Vivo stand, which is a bit odd because I was a little drawn to their beautiful baked blusher's and shadow palettes but limited myself to just one item!

This undereye roll on work's so perfectly with my Bobbi Brown Corrector  the corrector can sometimes cake up even when using the smallest amount, I do generally use an eye cream under it but when I'm low on time I use this little roll on to rescue it.

It's very thin and light, I just dab some on and it instantly perfect's my concealer and caked up mess in second's and even sometimes make's it look like I have nothing on.
"Light" Shade 1 is Vivo's lightest shade and It is dark for me but with blending I don't mind it because it work's so well. I've also tried using this as a base / on bare skin and it does work well at covering those annoying dark circles, the Bobbi Brown corrector also work's nicely over the top of it too.

I would re-purchase this, I can't remember it's price but it wasn't alot. It certainly does a good job under my eye's, and is my go to product on rescuing concealing gone wrong, darkness and cooling, waking up my eye area. It's also lasted me a few month's, with roll-on's it's hard to know how much is left so I'm not sure how much I have of this.

Have you tried this? Do you like roll-on concealer's?


8 May 2012

MUA Mosaic blush in 'English Rose'

Available in Superdrug & online at MUA 

I've been wanting to pick this little highlighter/blusher up for a while, I just so happened to pop in a Superdrug and saw a MUA pro range shelf, I was a bit surprised but very happy as I never knew there was one so close to me as this one isn't my "local" Superdrug. I instantly picked this up and paid my pound's.

For the price it's nice, when I got home and decided to have a bit more of a swatch & blend I was a little un-sure how I could wear it without it looking un-usual, sometimes too much lilac get's in the "blend" and it can look odd as a blush, I do love the purple addition in this though, or whether to swipe some of the lighter pink's and use as just a highlight. I've never used pink highlighter's only ever ones like Highbeam & the Tesco one I previously reviewed. 

I love the colour(s) when I blend equally though and can see this looking really pretty in summer, however saying this I'll be using it lightly If i'm out in the sunshine because It could be too shimmery.

I think I'm definitely going to experiment with this just too see the best way to blend and wear it, possibly high up the cheek lightly.
I'm rather obsessed with highlighter's at the moment so hopefully this can become one of my favourite's.

Mua also have a couple of shade's in their Mosaic Blushers I think one being more of a bronzer but I'm not a big bronzer wearer.

Have you tried this? Do you like pink highlighter's?


6 May 2012

Week in photo's 29th Apr- 6th May

The cutest biscuit tin, I passed my theory!, diy short's, pretty little package, 
lovely packaging, Jelly Belly, My basil plant seed's are growing!, 
another diy, Dior Rose Diamond

I passed my theory test! yayy, It went so quick but I'm so glad I've got it done maybe doing it on the 1st of the month was good luck, Just wanting to do my practical now and get a full licence, I'm so excited!
I've been diy-ing quite alot in the past 2 week's, currently on my third pair of short's and can't wait to finally blog about them!
Been getting a bit green fingered this month too, we've currently started growing potatoes, herb's, tomatoes and what not, check me out~
Not much to say this week as I've been a bit busy with my website and my theory test so haven't had time to take photo's, hope everyone had a nice week!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

3 May 2012

OPI Be a Dahlia won't you?

OPI- 'Be a Dahlia won't you?'

I'm sure I haven't posted a nail's of the day of this before but it's appeared in a couple post's, including my 'Favourite's for summer' It became my all time favourite when I picked it up before Christmas, I can't remember what collection it was in, possibly the "Stems"
This is only 2 coat's and in person it is perfect, one coat is sheer but as soon as another is added it's just right. It's an un-usual polish because it contains tiny pink glitter but also when looked at closely it look's like it has flakes also. In muted light it look's like such a bright beautiful pink with not "in your face" glitter. It's nice to wear because it just cheer's me up when I look at it (in a non weird way.) 
It's really hard to photograph it's true beauty and colour it's close to the 2nd photo, but I'd really recommend you to swatch or see it in person!

1 May 2012

E.L.F kabuki face brush

ELF, £5.00

I'd been wanting to try this little brush for a while so was quite pleased when i received it for Christmas. It always seemed to be out of stock, I'm not surprised- at £5 it's a bargain, Kabuki brushes tend to be more expensive. I tried using this with my Mac msfn which left a light & natural coverage, compared to the brush I usually use it doesn't provide as much coverage because it isn't as dense.
It's tiny, Kabuki brushes aren't meant to be big but when it arrives it's so petite and cute, and I guess not as small as you'd expect.
I've found this work's best with a loose mineral powder for me because of the light coverage it gives, it's really nice and easy to just dust with powder and brush across without worrying about it packing on to much product, even without using a mirror.
From what I remember when I first washed this little brush it barely shed or any dye ran. The drying time is also really good, it didn't lose it's shape much but I like to just keep "fluffing" the bristles when it's damp but not dry just so it stay's nice and in shape. It's one of the easier brushes to clean, all the "powder" and make-up just rinses out simply and easily without all the soap sud's wanting to stay in the brush.
This is the smaller of the Kabuki's for the face, ELF also do one for the body at £1 more then this, I really want to try it and use it on the face to compare it to this miniature one. 

I love this little brush, It's also really cute just sitting on the top of my powder waiting to be used. Because it's so tiny it'd be great to just throw in your bag for on the go touch-up's or when you're travelling.
The only thing I wish ELF did was maybe a mini case for it, I just don't like dirty brushes and me being so O.C.D I'd want a little holder to put it in when I take it in my bag. I'm sure ELF did do a little travel set ages ago that this fitted  in, or maybe not... 

Do you have this? Do you like Kabuki brushes?

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