1 May 2012

E.L.F kabuki face brush

ELF, £5.00

I'd been wanting to try this little brush for a while so was quite pleased when i received it for Christmas. It always seemed to be out of stock, I'm not surprised- at £5 it's a bargain, Kabuki brushes tend to be more expensive. I tried using this with my Mac msfn which left a light & natural coverage, compared to the brush I usually use it doesn't provide as much coverage because it isn't as dense.
It's tiny, Kabuki brushes aren't meant to be big but when it arrives it's so petite and cute, and I guess not as small as you'd expect.
I've found this work's best with a loose mineral powder for me because of the light coverage it gives, it's really nice and easy to just dust with powder and brush across without worrying about it packing on to much product, even without using a mirror.
From what I remember when I first washed this little brush it barely shed or any dye ran. The drying time is also really good, it didn't lose it's shape much but I like to just keep "fluffing" the bristles when it's damp but not dry just so it stay's nice and in shape. It's one of the easier brushes to clean, all the "powder" and make-up just rinses out simply and easily without all the soap sud's wanting to stay in the brush.
This is the smaller of the Kabuki's for the face, ELF also do one for the body at £1 more then this, I really want to try it and use it on the face to compare it to this miniature one. 

I love this little brush, It's also really cute just sitting on the top of my powder waiting to be used. Because it's so tiny it'd be great to just throw in your bag for on the go touch-up's or when you're travelling.
The only thing I wish ELF did was maybe a mini case for it, I just don't like dirty brushes and me being so O.C.D I'd want a little holder to put it in when I take it in my bag. I'm sure ELF did do a little travel set ages ago that this fitted  in, or maybe not... 

Do you have this? Do you like Kabuki brushes?



  1. I might look into buying this, it looks like a bargain, thanks for the post! Are the bristles soft, because I've found that in the cheaper brushes sometimes they are almost scratchy?

    1. It's such a good bargain! I know what you mean with cheap brushes tending to feel scratchy, this is so soft and nice to use! It's quite dense for being so cheap also.
      Hope you like it if you decide to pick one up!


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