22 May 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo- On & On Bronze

£4.99, Boot's

Little bit late on this bandwagon but I kept forgetting to photograph it!
Like other people trying to get hold of these pot's it was pretty much impossible, online it was sold out in every colour and any Superdrug I went in they only had the blue shade. I did actually want to pick up the 'Permanant Taupe' shade but they didn't have it anywhere so I picked this bronzed shade up. 
For a few day's I wasn't quite sure just how I was going to make this colour wearable on me, I usually stick to super neutral shades not bronze, but one day I just thought of wearing this as liner and it look's gorgeous in person. 
It does contain lot's of glitter, you only need to swatch the tiniest amount and rub it off just to see all the glitter clinging to everything, so it can sometimes irritate my eyes if I apply to much.

It's so soft and such a creamy pigmented formula, you only need to touch it gently and you have load's to use. I haven't worn this for 24hour's straight so I can't say if it lives to the claim's but it does stay on all day until I decide to take it off in the evening, it's still as perfect as when I applied it, no smudges and it certainly didn't budge. I really want to pick up the 'Immortal Charcoal' and use it as a black eyeliner because it stay's so well.

Overall, I love this- I may not wear it everyday but when I do I love how it look's as liner, it may be a small pot but it will last me so long. Just make sure the pot lid is screwed on tight, I couldn't swatch any in store because they had completely dried up & ruined where the lid's were off constantly. 

Have you tried this? Do you like them?



  1. Look lovely as a eyeliner & seems like the post would last ages! Might have to check this out, lovely review :) x

  2. Recently bought this but I am yet to try it! I was hoping to use it as an eyeshadow because I've also bought a MAC pencil in a very similar colour to this bronze, but it does look really nice as an eyeliner! I wouldn't have thought of using it like that :) xx

  3. I have three of these and I just seem to be having the worst luck with it. Every time I apply it whether it's with my fingertips, an applicator or a brush, it just goes on very bitty! :( xo

  4. Haven't tried this yet, it's always out of stock in my stores.



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