26 May 2012

What I wore #009 // interview edition

Had my first job interview today (Thank you to all the lovely ladies who wished me luck via Twitter!) and after having such a crazy week what to wear was the last thing on my mind, but this is what I wore- pretty simple there wasn't much need for a full blown office suit~
For once I actually straightened my hair & made an effort with it, usually it's stuck up in a messy bun unless I'm taking photo's for the blog.
Might do a little post on my favourite hair care item's as even though I don't "style" my hair I love my hair care item's!
Didn't manage to get a full length shot but I just wore a pair of skinny's which were a cotton/denim material.


  1. I hope you get the job! And I just wanted to say you have very pretty eyes!

  2. you have such lovely eyes! hope you get the job x

  3. Good Luck, hope you get it, you look lovely :D



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