8 May 2012

MUA Mosaic blush in 'English Rose'

Available in Superdrug & online at MUA 

I've been wanting to pick this little highlighter/blusher up for a while, I just so happened to pop in a Superdrug and saw a MUA pro range shelf, I was a bit surprised but very happy as I never knew there was one so close to me as this one isn't my "local" Superdrug. I instantly picked this up and paid my pound's.

For the price it's nice, when I got home and decided to have a bit more of a swatch & blend I was a little un-sure how I could wear it without it looking un-usual, sometimes too much lilac get's in the "blend" and it can look odd as a blush, I do love the purple addition in this though, or whether to swipe some of the lighter pink's and use as just a highlight. I've never used pink highlighter's only ever ones like Highbeam & the Tesco one I previously reviewed. 

I love the colour(s) when I blend equally though and can see this looking really pretty in summer, however saying this I'll be using it lightly If i'm out in the sunshine because It could be too shimmery.

I think I'm definitely going to experiment with this just too see the best way to blend and wear it, possibly high up the cheek lightly.
I'm rather obsessed with highlighter's at the moment so hopefully this can become one of my favourite's.

Mua also have a couple of shade's in their Mosaic Blushers I think one being more of a bronzer but I'm not a big bronzer wearer.

Have you tried this? Do you like pink highlighter's?



  1. I haven't tried this but I definitely will, love the colours, thanks for posting.


    Would love it if you checked out my blog:)

  2. That looks gorgeous! May have to pick one up for myself!:) x

  3. Wow what a bargain! Such a pretty soft shade and for that price you cannot go wrong right?!


  4. It looks so nice, love all of the shades! I used to be weary of mosaic style blushers but found a really nice one so now I'm a convert!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  5. I think this blush would really suit my paler than pale skin tone :) and I don't mind a little bit of shimmer. Bargain price too! I don't think I can say no :)

    Love, Rachel

  6. Heyyy! nice blog :)
    Lets follow each other and stay in touch!


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