3 May 2012

OPI Be a Dahlia won't you?

OPI- 'Be a Dahlia won't you?'

I'm sure I haven't posted a nail's of the day of this before but it's appeared in a couple post's, including my 'Favourite's for summer' It became my all time favourite when I picked it up before Christmas, I can't remember what collection it was in, possibly the "Stems"
This is only 2 coat's and in person it is perfect, one coat is sheer but as soon as another is added it's just right. It's an un-usual polish because it contains tiny pink glitter but also when looked at closely it look's like it has flakes also. In muted light it look's like such a bright beautiful pink with not "in your face" glitter. It's nice to wear because it just cheer's me up when I look at it (in a non weird way.) 
It's really hard to photograph it's true beauty and colour it's close to the 2nd photo, but I'd really recommend you to swatch or see it in person!


  1. your nails and the colours looks amazing :) love it!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  2. This colour looks gorgeous!

  3. This is so pretty!

  4. This is a really nice colour :)


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