10 May 2012

Vivo Under eye roll on concealer

From selected Tesco Stores

When I first picked this up I instantly thought of the one Garnier brought out age's ago, I may do a little comparison post soon.

This was the first thing I picked up when I browsed the Vivo stand, which is a bit odd because I was a little drawn to their beautiful baked blusher's and shadow palettes but limited myself to just one item!

This undereye roll on work's so perfectly with my Bobbi Brown Corrector  the corrector can sometimes cake up even when using the smallest amount, I do generally use an eye cream under it but when I'm low on time I use this little roll on to rescue it.

It's very thin and light, I just dab some on and it instantly perfect's my concealer and caked up mess in second's and even sometimes make's it look like I have nothing on.
"Light" Shade 1 is Vivo's lightest shade and It is dark for me but with blending I don't mind it because it work's so well. I've also tried using this as a base / on bare skin and it does work well at covering those annoying dark circles, the Bobbi Brown corrector also work's nicely over the top of it too.

I would re-purchase this, I can't remember it's price but it wasn't alot. It certainly does a good job under my eye's, and is my go to product on rescuing concealing gone wrong, darkness and cooling, waking up my eye area. It's also lasted me a few month's, with roll-on's it's hard to know how much is left so I'm not sure how much I have of this.

Have you tried this? Do you like roll-on concealer's?



  1. Mine came yesterday, can't wait to try out!


  2. I'd really like to see a comparison post between this and the garnier roll on :) this one sounds really good! I always worry that roll on concealers wont get in the little nooks and crannies round my eyes though! x

    1. I'll definitely do a little comparing post then, thank you!
      I know what you mean, I find applying it just under where I want it then lightly tapping it in/blending and using my small finger to get in the little places near my eye, it's so thin and light I can do it with out a mirror! xx


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