27 May 2012

Week in photo's 13th-27th May

Yummiest Ice cream in Essex, I couponed, right sized Tom's, attempted a video,
Jubilee Inspired bread, woof under my Tri-pod, A stone of Pizza, Yum,
T.V to make me feel better, favourite's, marshmallow making, Tom's, Huge bird of prey in garden, Woof the Gardener,
Mum's Heart flower's, Job interview outfit?

I didn't post my week in photo's last week, to be honest I've had so much going on the past 2 week's, it basically down-falled from being sick all night one night and has gone on one thing after the other. Trying to keep myself busy and get lot's done- just simply not enough hour's in the day.

One really good thing is I had an interview yesterday which is so exciting, I really hope I get it ~crosses finger's & toes~

Hope y'all had a sun-tastic week! x



  1. lovely photos,
    love yankee candles they are amazing!
    mantenso xx

  2. oh and good luck about your interview, fingers crossed for you!xx

  3. I love seeing week in pictures post's :) these photo's are so pretty :) Great post :) I hope you will follow my blog :)




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