13 May 2012

Week in photo's 6TH-13th MAY

Feeling Summery, New Glitter Gal polishes on SjmwellNails, Outfit photo's, Train Pass case,
Afternoon Painting, Giveaway prize from Frances, Topshop treat, The yummiest biscuit's, Tie dying (post soon),
 new shoes, dip dye short's (post soon)

Had a day full of diy the other day which literally left me aching where I was lent over a bucket with fabric dye for 4hour's (ow.) But the outcome was sort of achingly worth it, Just going through the photo's to upload and will post hopefully this week!
I also have the most beautiful shoes to add to my collection yes they're incredibly high and when I first tried them on I felt odd, and was even taller then my dad (which is crazy.) I just need an excuse to go out and wear these now, I love them so much.
I also won a giveaway over on the lovely Frances blog and after wearing the cream blush from Topshop today in 'Head over heel's' I loved it, I can't wait to keep using it and post a review- I really want to pick up a few more colour's because it looked so naturally lovely on my cheek's. 

I'm off to go attempt to make marshmallow now, like you do on a Sunday- Have a lovely week!



  1. Wow, how do you walk in those shoes, they look so scary! Haha... I'm glad you liked your prize, and I can't wait to see your tie dye post! :)

    Frances xx


    1. I don't even know haha, Going to take some getting used to! Thank you, I really did- loving the blush!

  2. Those shoes are insane! LOVE them :) and the dip dye shorts too!


  3. Those shoes are ridiculous!!! xx

  4. Oh my goodness, you have those shoes?! They're amazing!! I always wondered what they would feel like to wear in real life, would love to try some sometime!!

    1. They're so weird at first! It's feel's like You have to walk a little forward where there's no heel, I'm crazily tall with them on.
      Thank You for your comment! Xx


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