31 May 2012

What I wore #010 // Cut out wedges

T-shirt- DIY (post here), Skirt- Miss Guided, Shoes- Ebay

I do realise I cut my head out of every shot I took (oops) but this is what happen's when I attempt at using a tripod, who want's to be hired to take photo's for me, I'll pay in Starbuck's drink's? haha.
I really love how my top turnt out, I've never done tie dye before so I was just doing rubber band's wherever (see photo here) and dunking it in some dye where I fancied it. I've got so many photo's I need to arrange for diy post's lately, I have some sort of addiction to making thing's.

I'm not going to wear these shoes to go shopping or anything- I like my ankles the way they are trust me, I'm a converse girl- But these babies arrived the other month and I was so excited to try them on, I love them so much I just want to wear them all the time,- I just love how they make my leg's look so much nicer.

I just need a good ol' party to get the chance to wear these now.

I've also been on the look out for a good basic black skirt that I could wear with anything ready for college around the time all the pleated skirt's were coming out Primark etc. But I just didn't buy one. When I saw this on Miss Guided I thought it was perfect; sheer, nice length, black and a good price so picked it up when they had free next day delivery. It can make my hip's look alot wider then they are sometimes which is a pain but it's the way most skirt's like this are. 

Also showing my leg's, something I tend not to do ever. My friend used to constantly tell me to wear something without tight's, here goes.



  1. Wow, those shoes! I love the tie-dye t-shirt. XO

  2. I love this outfit, especially your shoes! Are they comfortable to walk in? x


    1. They take some getting used to but are surprisingly easy to wear! x

  3. LOVE the outfit, especially the JC-esque shoes!

    Have a look at my giveaway? :) http://rogue-and-creep.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/abbie-freeman-necklaces-giveaway.html

  4. Wow those shoes are immense!

  5. I love those shoes :)
    I adore this outfit!!


  6. Wow, them shoes! They're so nice x

  7. Those shoes are bloody amazing! xo

  8. Cute outfit, the shoes are way cool but I am in agreeance with you liking your ankles they way they are!


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