29 June 2012

Dip Dye orange- What I wore

Blouse- Glamorous*, Short's- DIY, Belt- Primark (old)

I think this is the first 'orange' item I have in my wardrobe, it's rare for me to wear bright colour's I usually play it safe. so thought i'd go for a change- I don't wear stripes alot either but I love this blouse. This would also be nice to pop under a jumper for a pop of colour in winter too with it's nice long collar.
I also customised another pair of short's, my obsession is getting a tiny bit out of control but nevermind. The whole dip dying took me ages to do but so worth it, I love how they came out, plus they only cost me £2, compared to places selling them for quite a big price tag I'm rather happy with my little diy! 

 I can see me wearing this blouse and short's so much this summer, the blouse is thin enough to keep cool in summer but still enough to keep me warm when it get's chilly in the evening's, it's loveeely! Glamorous have so many nice thing's at the moment, they remind me of Miss Guided in their item's which I love also. *bad for the bank balance!*

Are you a fan of bright colour's for summer?


27 June 2012

Dior Rose diamond poudre shimmer

 Escentual, £30.65

Oh Dior Rose Diamond, Why look so pretty?

When I saw blog post's of this last year and saw photo's of it I instantly wanted to buy it, there was just something that looked so gorgeous and expensive of it. It doesn't just look expensive however, it is a bit pricey for a 'blusher'. Like I said, when I saw photo's and swatches I was already Googling more review's on it and slowly persuading myself to give in and buy it- until I saw the price tag, at £30 I didn't really want to pay it so I just forgot all about it.
That was until I saw a recent review from another blog and read Dior was discontinuing their Rose and Amber diamond, after that I could just imagine me really wanting it after everywhere sold out and never being able to pick it up.

After passing my Theory test I decided to ~treat~ myself and buy it after wanting it for so long. It's as gorgeous close up as It was in photo's, it's much smaller then I imagined but still as nice.  After trying MUA's english Rose and not being quite sure how to wear a pink tinted highlighter/blush, I tend to use the lighter shades of this and mainly as a cheekbone highlighter, it's very fine also so no worries of huge chunk's of glitter chilling on my cheek's!

This is such a lovely powder. I still think it's a tiny bit pricey for a 'blusher/highlighter' but I'm so glad I finally brought it.

I like to keep this mainly for evening's or special occasion's, and even nicer in the winter when the sun isn't as bright. I'm using it sparingly because I don't want to run out! 

Do you like highlighter's? Have you tried Dior's Rose or Amber diamond powder?

21 June 2012

What I wore #011 // Pearl & Lace

Blouse- Oasap*, Skirt- Miss Guided, Ring- Oasap*

I've been seeing shoulder cut out blouses alot recently and really loved them! I really like the detailing on this blouse, not only the pretty cut out part but also the lace & pearl's. I love pearl collar's for Winter and on dresses- I've just never ended up buying one, so tempted to sew some on thing's this Summer. This blouse would look really pretty under jumper's and paired with denim short's for the summer, I can see it becoming a very worn item! But the other day I thought i'd pair it with my favourite skirt from Miss Guided. This ring is so cute. I can see me wearing it all the time and I'm not really a big ring wearer generally but this is too cute not to!

Also decided to wear my hair in a sidebun for a change, I rarely have my hair down day to day but like to for blog photo's, otherwise I tend to look rather weird. Nice to have a change! 

Do you like un-usual ring's? Are you a fan of cut-out blouses?

19 June 2012

Easy way's to clean make-up brushes

Alot of the item's I use to clean my make-up brushes are standard household item's that are generally in the cupboard and don't really cost alot, I like to pick up the bigger cheaper brand (usually supermarket's own) bottle's of them so it lasts longer, it work's out much cheaper.

The first time I cleaned my brushes I used baby shampoo, I'd heard it was gentle and good to clean brushes. It tend's to get on sale alot for £1 for a giant bottle so I just stock up then and it last's me forever. The only thing with baby shampoo is I don't think it disinfect's as well but it work's really well at cleaning them and making them baby soft (bad joke).
Another way I clean my brushes is using olive oil mixed in with a disinfectant/bacteria washing up liquid, olive oil break's down make-up and removes it while the liquid is disinfecting it, it work's really well and you can pick them up in the pound shop or supermarket cheaply for huge bottles, it doesn't have to be a 'big' brand.Lately I tend to just use ELF's make-up brush cleanser, it was the cheapest cleaner when I googled so I picked one up to try it out, it actually work's really well at removing and cleaning the brushes quickly so I'm happy with it, I know Mac do one but I knew I'd go through them quick so didn't want to pay too much. When I make an ELF order I like to pick up 2-3 bottles of this to stock up so I don't run out and have to make an order just for a few thing's (ELF please get a u.k store to stock your thing's!)
With concealer and foundation brushes I always wet the bristles and then pour a tiny amount of olive oil on my hand and rub the brush gently in it, it literally takes 10 second's to break all the cream messy concealer down and off the brush, then set them to the side and wash them with the ELF cleanser last. I always found myself taking so long at trying to clean them with the cleaner but it did nothing, using the oil is so handy.

I'd really like to try the spray brush cleaner's that instantly dry so I can clean them quickly mid week.
Once I've washed the brush I make sure all the excess water is squeezed from it and leave it to try face down so any water can go out of the brush instead of inside the rest of it and damaging it. I always re-shape then when they're wet so they dry into their shape.

What do you like to use to clean make-up brushes? any tip's?

17 June 2012

Two week's in photo's 3rd - 17th June

Stud's, Old Teen photo's, DIY, Whoppie pies?
New polishes, Levi's arrived, Car shopping, New make-up storage,
Custom short's, Dr.Pepper Cherry!, Gardening, Driving lesson f.o.t.d,
Another fotd, Essie in my local yay!, Cat fabric (so tempted to put on short's) Sequined Tom's,
Re-syncing the Ipod, Studding, More! Outfit of the day, 
Original Source, New pretty blouse, high bun, Father's day!

I didn't have time to put together a weekly round-up post last week, I spent the week catching up on taking photo's and writing up blog post's all that week and just wanted to sleep all weekend.

This is actually quite a bigger weekly round up post then usual with photo's, I'm not normally so exciting~

I've decided to hopefully be taking more outfit photo's for the blog in the coming month's, I've finally found an easy way to be able to take photo's, even if I cut my face out of the shot by using my Tripod I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after a while. I did go to take some this week but the rain and wind here has been so horrible, it's been made worse living near the sea. You honestly wouldn't think it's nearly summer, but nevermind!

Hope everyone has a nice Father's day, I'm certainly going to be making my lovely dad lot's of cup's of tea today.


12 June 2012

Topshop cream blush 'Head over heels'

Topshop- £6.00

It really did take me a while to hop on the cream blush bandwagon, for absolutely age's I kept telling myself to pick up some of Topshop's but my local store doesn't have a huge range so I put it off. 
When Frances told me I'd won her blog giveaway I was excited to finally try a Topshop cream blush, I just didn't have a clue what shade's looked like swatched so I basically picked on a whim.  I know 'Neon Rose' was incredibly popular after Ellie Goulding wore it a few year's ago, I did want to give it a swatch before picking it up though!
Instead I asked for 'Head over heel's' which from swatches on various blog's looked like a pretty coral colour, perfect for summer!

The first time I dabbled a little bit on my cheek's and blended I loved it, it looked so natural and pretty, for a bit more colour I popped some more on until I was happy with the intenseness of it. In the bright sunshine you can see it has some gold fleck's in pan so I'm still a little un-sure whether to pop some highlighter on when I wear this incase it look's to over the top in the light.

This colour isn't just a summer shade though, this will look incredibly pretty in winter when my pale skin is so so porcelain the bright pink will really brighten me up nicely. 

The top swatch is swatched quite heavily, and the bottom is the tiniest touch of the blush blended out.

The first time I used this I dabbed a bit with my finger's and blended with my Sigma F84 which blended it perfectly but the next few time's I used my finger's, it got the job done alot quicker and easier, plus no need to repeatedly wash the brush.
I just love Topshop's polka dot packaging also, I remember seeing it way back when they brought it out and loving the 'messy' drawn on look. I hope they're keeping with it though, I saw some product's in metal packaging and didn't really love it too much. I know alot of people say these get dirty and hard to clean because of the white packaging, but the OCD in me is keeping this out of the make-up bag and nice and clean in my make-up drawer.

I really loved this blush as soon as I used it and I really want to pick up (quite) a few more shade's.
What's your favourite shade of their's? Do you like cream blusher's?

8 June 2012

How to: Ombre nail's

Barry M- 'Strawberry', Barry M- 'Raspberry', No 7- 'Pink Grapefruit', ELF- 'Gum pink', Nail's Inc by Fabulous magazine- 'OMP!'

After many people wanting a tutorial from my 'Nails of the day' I thought I'd do one! 
I really love how my ombre nail's came out and it really is quite simple even if it is a tad time consuming, the effect is worth it.

I'd recommend using a base coat because with the 'sponging/layering' of the polishes it can sometimes make the polish peel off in one after a few day's.

First you need to choose what colour 'ombre' you want, I chose pink because I have the most different shade's of pink compared to other colour's. Barry M's Strawberry goes so well with Elf's 'Gum Pink' I may do another manicure pairing these up. 

Make sure your base colour is fully dry before you start, maybe paint your nails a day before and leave them overnight.

I like to keep my old make-up sponges, wash them out and keep them for nail art and diy's.
You could use an old bath sponge but because they have the little holes they can affect how it look's on the nail. Make-up sponges don't have the little holes & are a little more dense which is why I like them.

The trick to getting the 'fade' look is to mix a darker shade (Gum Pink) with the base colour (Barry M Strawberry) to make it easier to sponge on I also add a clear coat and mix it all up.
I like to keep a blob of the base colour on the side just to add and make the transition line disappear. 

Then you just need to slowly and lightly add each colour doing the same technique per shade, going in with the colour before and blending it in to fade the transition line, I also use the clear coat to go in and blend the colour's too, especially as it's thin coat's it dries quicker so I do it when it's tacky but still wet enough.

It's up to you how far you want each colour to go or how intense the colour.
If you find the line's of each shade are too obvious you can always go in  with a glitter coat and you wouldn't be able to tell, or even just as an accent nail would look really pretty.

I hope this tutorial wasn't too hard to follow, 

I might start doing more "How-to nail art post's" ? Let me know if you have a go at this!


4 June 2012

Manicure Monday Jubilee inspired

From Thumb - Right 
Barry M- Navy, OPI- Alpine Snow, OPI- Big apple red, Glitter Gal - Holographic Red
*next finger same as thumb*
Orly- Nude, Opi- Big apple red, Barry M- Navy, Glitter Gal - Holographic Marine Blue

Of course I had to try and do some sort of British themed nail's with this huge celebratory weekend for the Queen's Jubilee. Like many other's the Union Jack had to be done, It actually came out well until I decided to pop on some gem's but decided to take them off, which resulted to ruining what i'd just sat and done! 
Thought i'd pop some bunting on my nail's too and a bit of holographic polish! 

Has anyone else done Jubilee inspired nail's? did you do anything exciting the weekend? 

3 June 2012

Week in photo's 27th May - 3rd June

A Friday night treat, A very british door mat, Sun is out!, Glamour with the Benefit miniatures,
Giant Hot chocolate tub, 400 follower's, waiting for the train, yo, Quick shop, working on the ombre tutorial,
My room was already rather Jubilee ready, Jubilee nail's, Ma'amite, Frappucino, Outfit post, domestic goddess

Firstly, I reached 400 follower's today which is amazing, I can't believe I have even 1 person reading my rambling's, but I really appreciate every reader. Way back last year I held my first giveaway for reaching    
100 follower's-I think a little thank you giveaway would be nice now i'm 300 more on, so possibly up in the coming week's, stay tuned.

I've been practicing all my test routes and just re-going over all my manoeuvres with driving this week, I feel all my lesson's have rushed by and even though I strangely can't wait to do my test and *hopefully* get my full licence I will actually miss my little lesson's and just learning
 something new, it'll take some getting use to!

p.s- for anyone waiting for the Holographic's to come back in stock on Sjmwell Nail's, they're here from down under and fresh on the website!

pp.s- I finally made a blog button, If anyone want's to swap let me know- I have one over on the right but I have other sizes here

Hope everyone enjoy's the long weekend! 

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