27 June 2012

Dior Rose diamond poudre shimmer

 Escentual, £30.65

Oh Dior Rose Diamond, Why look so pretty?

When I saw blog post's of this last year and saw photo's of it I instantly wanted to buy it, there was just something that looked so gorgeous and expensive of it. It doesn't just look expensive however, it is a bit pricey for a 'blusher'. Like I said, when I saw photo's and swatches I was already Googling more review's on it and slowly persuading myself to give in and buy it- until I saw the price tag, at £30 I didn't really want to pay it so I just forgot all about it.
That was until I saw a recent review from another blog and read Dior was discontinuing their Rose and Amber diamond, after that I could just imagine me really wanting it after everywhere sold out and never being able to pick it up.

After passing my Theory test I decided to ~treat~ myself and buy it after wanting it for so long. It's as gorgeous close up as It was in photo's, it's much smaller then I imagined but still as nice.  After trying MUA's english Rose and not being quite sure how to wear a pink tinted highlighter/blush, I tend to use the lighter shades of this and mainly as a cheekbone highlighter, it's very fine also so no worries of huge chunk's of glitter chilling on my cheek's!

This is such a lovely powder. I still think it's a tiny bit pricey for a 'blusher/highlighter' but I'm so glad I finally brought it.

I like to keep this mainly for evening's or special occasion's, and even nicer in the winter when the sun isn't as bright. I'm using it sparingly because I don't want to run out! 

Do you like highlighter's? Have you tried Dior's Rose or Amber diamond powder?


  1. Such pretty shades, I love highlighters, they an essential part of any makeup look for me anyway!

  2. I love highlighters! I've actually been wanting to try a pink shade out so this might be my next purchase :)

  3. I'm such a highlighter junkie at the moment. I need to stop buying them but Rose Diamond is beautiful.

  4. This looks gorgeous, I don't really have a highlighter so my birthdays coming up and this looks perfect ;)



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