8 June 2012

How to: Ombre nail's

Barry M- 'Strawberry', Barry M- 'Raspberry', No 7- 'Pink Grapefruit', ELF- 'Gum pink', Nail's Inc by Fabulous magazine- 'OMP!'

After many people wanting a tutorial from my 'Nails of the day' I thought I'd do one! 
I really love how my ombre nail's came out and it really is quite simple even if it is a tad time consuming, the effect is worth it.

I'd recommend using a base coat because with the 'sponging/layering' of the polishes it can sometimes make the polish peel off in one after a few day's.

First you need to choose what colour 'ombre' you want, I chose pink because I have the most different shade's of pink compared to other colour's. Barry M's Strawberry goes so well with Elf's 'Gum Pink' I may do another manicure pairing these up. 

Make sure your base colour is fully dry before you start, maybe paint your nails a day before and leave them overnight.

I like to keep my old make-up sponges, wash them out and keep them for nail art and diy's.
You could use an old bath sponge but because they have the little holes they can affect how it look's on the nail. Make-up sponges don't have the little holes & are a little more dense which is why I like them.

The trick to getting the 'fade' look is to mix a darker shade (Gum Pink) with the base colour (Barry M Strawberry) to make it easier to sponge on I also add a clear coat and mix it all up.
I like to keep a blob of the base colour on the side just to add and make the transition line disappear. 

Then you just need to slowly and lightly add each colour doing the same technique per shade, going in with the colour before and blending it in to fade the transition line, I also use the clear coat to go in and blend the colour's too, especially as it's thin coat's it dries quicker so I do it when it's tacky but still wet enough.

It's up to you how far you want each colour to go or how intense the colour.
If you find the line's of each shade are too obvious you can always go in  with a glitter coat and you wouldn't be able to tell, or even just as an accent nail would look really pretty.

I hope this tutorial wasn't too hard to follow, 

I might start doing more "How-to nail art post's" ? Let me know if you have a go at this!



  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I can't wait to give it a go! x

  2. looks great!


  3. Thanks for the tutorial, really want to do ombre nails :)


  4. Those nails are so pretty!

    By the way I am holding a giveaway on my blog, you can win a cute pendant and some Barry M nail polishes, check it out :)



  5. Great tutorial, the nails look lovely x

  6. I need to try out ombre nails, I love them and your tutorial is great.

    Lucy xx

  7. ive never done an ombre mani yet... i need to for sure tho! fab how to post :))



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