12 June 2012

Topshop cream blush 'Head over heels'

Topshop- £6.00

It really did take me a while to hop on the cream blush bandwagon, for absolutely age's I kept telling myself to pick up some of Topshop's but my local store doesn't have a huge range so I put it off. 
When Frances told me I'd won her blog giveaway I was excited to finally try a Topshop cream blush, I just didn't have a clue what shade's looked like swatched so I basically picked on a whim.  I know 'Neon Rose' was incredibly popular after Ellie Goulding wore it a few year's ago, I did want to give it a swatch before picking it up though!
Instead I asked for 'Head over heel's' which from swatches on various blog's looked like a pretty coral colour, perfect for summer!

The first time I dabbled a little bit on my cheek's and blended I loved it, it looked so natural and pretty, for a bit more colour I popped some more on until I was happy with the intenseness of it. In the bright sunshine you can see it has some gold fleck's in pan so I'm still a little un-sure whether to pop some highlighter on when I wear this incase it look's to over the top in the light.

This colour isn't just a summer shade though, this will look incredibly pretty in winter when my pale skin is so so porcelain the bright pink will really brighten me up nicely. 

The top swatch is swatched quite heavily, and the bottom is the tiniest touch of the blush blended out.

The first time I used this I dabbed a bit with my finger's and blended with my Sigma F84 which blended it perfectly but the next few time's I used my finger's, it got the job done alot quicker and easier, plus no need to repeatedly wash the brush.
I just love Topshop's polka dot packaging also, I remember seeing it way back when they brought it out and loving the 'messy' drawn on look. I hope they're keeping with it though, I saw some product's in metal packaging and didn't really love it too much. I know alot of people say these get dirty and hard to clean because of the white packaging, but the OCD in me is keeping this out of the make-up bag and nice and clean in my make-up drawer.

I really loved this blush as soon as I used it and I really want to pick up (quite) a few more shade's.
What's your favourite shade of their's? Do you like cream blusher's?


  1. gorgeous colour :) xo


  2. I am glad that you're enjoying using your blush lovely! I think I want to go and hunt this down for myself too haha!

    Frances xx


    1. Haha, thank you lovely it's such a pretty colour :o)

  3. I really need to get my hands on some topshop makeup after hearing so many good things about it! :) This looks like a lovely lovely colour and the idea of a cream blush definitely sounds like it would appeal to me! Great review :)xo

  4. I love the topshop blushers, I haven't got this one yet though! It looks like such a gorgeous colour xx

  5. The packaging for Topshop is amazing! Lovely blush colour too :)


  6. Wow! This blush looks gorgeous!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  7. Great blush, I have been looking for one myself, maybe I will give this one a go :)
    Just found your blog and am enjoying, I look forward to your future posts so I have followed :) Following you on twitter too as @eeliverse ! :)

    Karys x

  8. I haven't really used cream blushers yet either, I'm a creature of habit, really love this colour and hope I can find one sometime as like you my topshop don't stock the make up, wah. Great post xx

  9. I may have to give this a go as I have been hearing a lot of great things about these! Thanks for sharing xox


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