3 June 2012

Week in photo's 27th May - 3rd June

A Friday night treat, A very british door mat, Sun is out!, Glamour with the Benefit miniatures,
Giant Hot chocolate tub, 400 follower's, waiting for the train, yo, Quick shop, working on the ombre tutorial,
My room was already rather Jubilee ready, Jubilee nail's, Ma'amite, Frappucino, Outfit post, domestic goddess

Firstly, I reached 400 follower's today which is amazing, I can't believe I have even 1 person reading my rambling's, but I really appreciate every reader. Way back last year I held my first giveaway for reaching    
100 follower's-I think a little thank you giveaway would be nice now i'm 300 more on, so possibly up in the coming week's, stay tuned.

I've been practicing all my test routes and just re-going over all my manoeuvres with driving this week, I feel all my lesson's have rushed by and even though I strangely can't wait to do my test and *hopefully* get my full licence I will actually miss my little lesson's and just learning
 something new, it'll take some getting use to!

p.s- for anyone waiting for the Holographic's to come back in stock on Sjmwell Nail's, they're here from down under and fresh on the website!

pp.s- I finally made a blog button, If anyone want's to swap let me know- I have one over on the right but I have other sizes here

Hope everyone enjoy's the long weekend! 



  1. I love looking at picture of the week, loving the jubilee pics :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Looks like you've had a lovely patriotic week! All the jubilee fun and the olympics makes me so proud to be british!



  3. i love your british nails!
    they look great!


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