18 July 2012

Disco Pant's dupe!

'Disco Pant's'- Love Label at Very / £35

I'm so happy high street stores are bringing out 'dupes' of the American Apparel disco pant's. I love how they look and how they can be worn with so many different thing's.  At £70 I just can't justify it, no matter how much I love them. 
I ordered a pair from Ebay a while ago hoping for them to be dupes but un-fortunately they weren't all that good so I never blogged about them. When I saw these from Love Label I thought i'd give them ago to see what they're like. They are perfect. 
They do feel and look like trouser's instead of 'wet look leggings' which are often what 'dupes' are like where as I think the disco pant's are more like real trouser's (thicker etc) They're also properly high waisted instead of just sitting normally at the waist like AA's, which for someone short like me is handy!

I will have an outfit post up soon wearing these so it will be easier to see what they look like on, I was too excited that they looked so much like the AA one's I wanted to write up a post. 
I love them so much already and they feel really well made and good quality. I even wore them  straight away the same day they arrived.

I think I will be wearing these with so much, especially in winter!



  1. I got the black Very ones too! They fit really well, i love them. Quite tempted to get the blue ones now x

  2. I love the blue ones. I have the AA ones and they are such an investment but if these were around when i got mine i definitely would of got these! What's the quality like? I can't wait to see how they look on!

    Jessie xoxo

    1. I'm surprised by how nice they feel, quite thick too & feel like good quality! I love them so much already haha xx

  3. Oooh they look great - I might have to look into these! x

  4. Aww I've been so tempted to buy these but was worried they'd be wet look leggings. Mmm to buy or not! Haha xx

    1. I thought they might be too, they're not really thin though & feel really nice quality xx

  5. Can't wait to see the outfit posts :)


  6. These look gorgeous already, can't wait to see how you style them. £70 is just to much for AA ones, no matter how good they may be! xxx


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