5 July 2012

June Empties

Yay for my first 'Empties' post!

Rub,Rub,Rub Lush scrub I received this for Christmas and I love it. It's actually a shower scrub that subtly exfoliates the skin, when it mixes with the water it turn's to a shower gel and goes foamy. I love this stuff so much, it smell's absolutely gorgeous, it's not usually the 'fragrance' I would choose but it remind's me of summer. It is a little bit expensive for the tub size so I only used it occasionally, so gutted it's ran out!

Schwarzkopf BC Shampoo
This is actually a shampoo a hairdresser used on my hair year's ago and I made sure to pick it up at the beauty supply store. It makes your hair super soft, shiny and 'styled' when you use it, exactly like when you walk out of the hairdresser's, the 'My hair's too soft to do anything with'  I only used it on special occasion's when I want my hair to look nice and straighten. It's quite expensive for shampoo at £8? a bottl. I've made it last this long they even made a new design bottle!  

Nivea Soft Moisturiser
The only moisturiser I've ever used, I've gone through countless tubes of this. I've recently began to start using Oilatum instead during the day as It's much lighter to wear under make-up and then use the Nivea in the evening. 

Superdrug Natural High eye cream
This little tube has lasted me ages and I've already re-purchased it. I originally wanted just a standard eye cream to wear under Bobbi Brown's corrector for easier application. I love how it explain's how each ingredient it beneficial. It also dries instantly which is handy when applying make-up.

GHD Heat Spray
This bottle has lasted me 2 year's, which is crazy. It's actually my second bottle and I love this stuff. Ghd have a few product's which are used in step's but I've only used this, it smell's lovely! I love how it can be used on dry hair because I rarely do the whole hair dry and straighten because my hair goes huge and fluffy. It was only £10 which I think is really good seeing how long it last's. I've been using this since I brought my ghd's which was 5 year's ago (sound's long!) and my hair isn't damaged so I'm pretty sure this stuff work's!

It just so happen's all these product's are all my favourite item's, and all will be re-purchased!

What empties do you have this month?


  1. I love body scrubs, I like the sound of this one because it turns to foam! might give this a go :-)


    1. Let me know if you like it! It smell's SO good! x

  2. Great empties, I love rub rub rub too :D I need to get some more soon, it's such a summery scent, always reminds of my holidays, always take a tub away with me.


    1. Thank's lovely! I hope they never decide to dis-continue it, I love it!

  3. Every product here sounds really great, especially the Schwarzkopf BC Shampoo, im definitely going to look into buying that(and maybe the superdrug eye cream too!) xx

    1. The shampoo is amazing, pricey but oh so worth it for the result's!

  4. I really want to try Rub Rub Rub! I bought a tub for my friend's birthday, opened it, smelt it, and wanted to keep it for myself! xo

    1. Haha, hate it when that happen's! It smells so good!

  5. Wow I love the products that you emptied this month, as if you're heat spray lasted two years - that's amazing!


    1. Thank's Charlee! It sound's crazy I can't believe it lasted me so long either. I used to use it on my full head to straighten all the time but over the last year just on my fringe which may be why It lasted longer :)


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