16 July 2012

Make-Up Storage / How I store my Make-Up

Drawer's, Homebase
It has taken me absolutely ages to have a way to store my make-up, technically this is the first "real" storage I've had. For year's I stored my make-up in drawer's in my room but it was always so annoying to find something. When I moved house I had a huge clear out so alot of my old make-up was thrown out.
Since I started blogging I've loved seeing other blogger's post's on how they store their make-up and to get idea's on how I'd want to eventually store mine, which is why I wanted to pick up some acryllic drawers (Also after seeing Kim K's too!)I did originally plan on getting the triple drawer's from Homebase but they're so tiny in person there was no way it would be enough space, so I picked these up instead which are actually paper sorter drawer's, they fit perfectly- originally I wanted longer width sideway's but these are so much better for my space.

It fit's nearly everything except a few shadow's I don't use often and all my false eyelashes. I've organised it in eyes, lips and face so I can just go to each drawer easily.
The ocd in me keep's it tidy even more because it's transparent, but I really love my storage- it's so handy to just be able to go and get what I need right away and know everything is kept clean and tidy.

I just slide my portable mirror and brush roll down the side and keep the ones I use nearly everyday in the mug. Along with my most used lipstick's on top and my concealer's slotted in a jam jar with a grand total of... wait for it... one lipgloss also. The Bourjois Healthy Mix is popped on top to remind me to use it more- I brought it last year when load's of bloggers were loving it and it was way to dark for me, It still is but I recently begun using it again and I absolutely love the finish so much!

How do you store your make-up? Any tip's?



  1. that storage looks amazing! i'd never thought to try homebase!


    1. Thank you! I never thought to check there either, they actually do lot's of good bit's, it's under office storage but these are perfect for me! x

  2. Oooh this is a good idea, I currently have a small make up bag that overflows into a heap on my dresser haha xxx

  3. I store my makeup in a Malm closet from Ikea since last week. I saw it on a couple of blogs and, however the closet isn't fully filled, I really like it! In the other ones I keep me skincare, some school-stuff, etc.. I also have a little every day basket on top of the closet with the stuff I am sure I'll use every single day! :)
    Fee xx

  4. Wow you've so much make up! This is a really nice post, think I might do something like this soon:) Lovely blog, followed!

    I'd love if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you like?


  5. I store mine in similar storage, Muji! I love it, yours looks great!


  6. Never thought of homebase! What a clever idea :D At the minute I make my own storage out of cardboard boxes, shoeboxes etc and make drawers and lipstick holders which actually have turned out much better than I thought they would. Would love some acrylic drawers, but just don't have the space for them. I'll wait until I get my new desk, and then think about it :)


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