27 July 2012

Money saving tip's for the fashion lovers

Today I thought I'd put together a post full of some of my favourite websites and 'top tips' on being able to wear the 'latest' while saving money without your bank balance crying out. Along with Fashion Voucher's. If many of you are student's like me you'll tend to watch the pennies, but even if you're not and still frugal then hopefully it will be helpful! 

One of my go to and all time favourite websites for saving money, I love Ebay. 
While browsing I often find item's that I've seen on 'High street websites' and in shop's,  so I'm guessing they often have the same supplier. The difference is the price, alot of the time it's half the price or more of in stores which is a bonus, right? My favourite purchases are a black dip-hem skirt which I brought for the grand total of £3, yes £3... I've paid more for a sandwich for lunch! (outfit post soon!) a silver necklace seen in this post which I've spotted in many shop's for £8-14, I paid £2. I also love my Spiked Loafer's which were £13, very like the Topshop Vectra's but different stud's and my all time favourite purchase, the nightwalker dupes (image below) now in shops for around £40, I paid £20 something! 
Other amazing find's are the Studded 'Alexander Wang' inspired bag much loved by Blogger's, Lita look-alikes, the Zara messenger bag, and the studded Zara blouse. Lot's of pretty 'vintage' inspired jewellery can be found for such low prices too, all you need to do is search!

Secretsales is what it say's. This website is a member only one, but signing up is oh so simple. Just fill in your email, a password and be greeted with an email newsletter of up and coming sales everyday.
 They have a range of sales from accessories, shoes, clothes and even sometimes homeware. 
They have Desinger sales going live every day and lasting for only 4 day's. Order's placed are then sent to their supplier, shipped to them and then to you so it take's a little longer for delivery. This may mean the number's of each item are higher so won't run out of stock as it may not be on an inventory system, although there will be a cut off point so get in quick for the best bit's!
They recently had an American Apparel sale, where a pair of legging's were down from £37 to £13, ooh bargain! and also their jersey skirt's. The saving's are actually really good, delivery is a little pricey but the saving's are still good.

An amazing website for saving. They sell old stock from High st stores including Boohoo, Topshop, Matalan etc. Item's that have slight wear, one's that are returned and un-able to be sold or possibly put on the shop floor or even stock that didn't sell at all and needed to be moved for fresh new one's. The prices are ridiculously good for some of the item's. There's many thing's I've spotted I love on there. 
On each item they tell you the wear of them and often photograph it so you can see. Label's are removed so you are un-able to return it to original stores. It's also great if you were un-able to pick up an item in store, plus bargain prices. 

Yes, everything really is 5 of your british pound's. You could buy a dress, shoes & a clutch for a party all just for £15, in many high street store's that wouldn't even buy your shoes. They have lot's to choose from, I still can't believe everything is £5, that's certainly a bargain. My favourites are the dresses they have, lot's to choose from and actually wearable too!

A great website for a money saver like me, I always always go on here and fashionvouchers.com when I'm ordering online, mainly because if I can save as little as a few pound's with a discount code I will, all add's up! Once I was ordering from Debenhams and spent an hour googling for codes and I ended up saving quite a bit on ordering some Mac goodies, so even my 'treat purchase' I saved. It paid off (pun un-intended! ;)) I may be a little weird for doing so but It saved me my pennies. You can organise it in categories, websites you're looking for codes of etc. They range from % off codes, free delivery and 'save x amount when you spend x amount' They're very handy websites and my go to's every time.

A website full of lovely item's with the up to date 'trends' yet for affordable prices, even non-sale item's!
They have a big range of dresses and clothes to choose from, I love websites that offer nice clothes for suitable prices. This website is definitely one to have a browse on!

Boot's have actually had this website for a while now, I always check on there before I order online just to see if they have the website listed which I'm ordering from. You sign in using your Boot's card and very much like in store you can receive Boot's point's from ordering from certain website's such as Matalan, Ebay, Topman (un-fortunately they don't have Topshop, I don't think?) etc. The full list is on their website. They also regularly have special deal's on there such as Free Delivery and what not. You must sign in and purchase through the Treat Street website for it to register and then go to a Card Machine in Store to transfer the Point's. Worth receiving some point's if you're going to order anyway!

Top tip's: 

-Sign up to website and brand newsletter's. They often send out newsletter's when they have special offer's, money saving's, codes and sales. Especially handy in the Festive season for full on saving's.

- Browse the Magazine 'Classifieds' they used to be in Newspaper's but now Magazines have them with lot's of advertising space, they often include money off code's / free delivery for fashion websites, always worth a look!

-Look in charity shop's! This is actually something I love to do and always pop in when I see one. The biggest bargain I've found was a fur coat reduced from £10 to £5, they tend to be in the upper of £50+ in 'Vintage places.' 
Be imaginative, that 'granny dress' can be turnt into a chic little dress. Cut it shorter, hem it, customize with some vintage button's, even dye it another colour all together and voila! Charity shop's are now taking to technology and have their own websites now which are worth a look on.

-Buy out of season, of course shop's want to make room for their summer wear, no-one will have winter coat's on their list's when the sun is shining. Minus me of course, I like the fact they reduce them quite a bit, and like to be prepared, there's nothing wrong with buying it and storing it until you need it, especially when they'll most probably bring it back next year at the higher RRP.

-Google for Discount codes or free delivery. Usually I type something like "*website name* discount code *month* 2012" It can often take some time to search but worth it. The voucher websites listed above regularly update as well, so worth checking first.

-Check the brand's Facebook & Twitter's, websites like to offer deal's to their fan's so often post them here, Miss Guided do this sometimes and offer great one's like 'Free next day delivery' 

I hope this post was helpful to at least one person, Fashion really doesn't have to cost so much money, it's how you choose to wear the item's not the price tag. 

What's your tip's to frugal fashion? 


  1. This was a great post, really informative! I didn't know about Boot's 'Treat Street' and i'm forever ordering online. Thanks for posting. :-)

    rachelpan xo

    1. Thank's Rachel, glad it helped. Treat St is such a good idea! xx


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