20 July 2012

Natural Collection lipstick - Sweet Pea

Boot's- £1.99

Natural collection is actually a boot's brand, most product's are £1.99 which is very good value for the quality you get, they also occasionally run 3 for 2 deal's which is even better. I love their blushers & their lipstick's the most. My mum and I actually swatched and picked this up a while ago as we was trying to find a dupe/replacement for a tinted lip balm Nivea used to do but couldn't find anymore.  
It's a perfect little lippie and an even better everyday one.
It can be worn sheer but also quite opaque too, in some light's it can look quite peachy, then quite a dark pink but it also has a light pink sheen to it in the light too (bottom swatch)

I love this lipstick, it's so pretty.  At £1.99 it's amazing, I actually choose and use this much more then my Mac lipstick's.

Do you have any favourite Natural Collection product's? 



  1. Wow! What a pretty shade! Any Natural Collection lipsticks I've tried in the past have been rather lacklustre and poorly pigmented, but this seems to be just what I'm looking for. I have tried a few of their products, and while I'm a fan of their pressed powders, I detest their nail polishes! Very watery, poorly pigmented and extremely streaky.
    Lovely blog, will definitely be checking out a few more of your posts x

  2. I love their lipsticks! I have one on right now which is pretty similar to creme cup by mac! I've got my mum hooked on it too! I think they usually have an offer where it's 3 items for £5 so you could basically get 9 of their lipsticks for the price of one mac one, bargainous!


  3. this colour is really nice, i need to try it xx

  4. I love the colour and pigmentation of this lipstick. I must try this, these lipsticks have been on my wish list for ages and they're so cheap and usually on offer - what's not to love? I do have one of the Natural Collection blushes and it's quite good. :)

    ~Hannah xx

  5. I love their lipsticks so much, this one looks lovely! Can't believe I used to snub this brand because I used it when younger. My favourites have to be the blushes! Or the bronzing pearls, have you tried the pearls! If you haven't you have to! :)


  6. love the colour and natural collection lipsticks are amazing especially for £1.99

  7. This looks like a gorgeous colour! Never tried this range but will need to have a sniff about for it!

  8. wow this is a gorgeous colour and its really pigmented! plus its cheap



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