7 July 2012

Revlon Just bitten lip balm stain in 'Darling/ Chérie'

'Darling' - Superdrug - £5.99 

When I first read about these coming out they automatically reminded me of the Chubby Stick's from Clinique. I wanted to try them way back when they first were realeased but think they're just a tad over priced for what they are, I'd rather but a Mac lipstick for the price. 
Like many other item's over here we only have 5-6 shade's compared to the 12 available in America (sadface)

I swatched all of the colour's in store and was actually quite impressed with them, they really do look like a tinted lip balm but actually have really good colour pay off, where as balm's tend to be quite sheer.  I swatched them 6 hour's ago and they're still stained on my hand, I can't compare that to it being on my lip's but show's they stay a while! (apologies for the swatch photo, literally wouldn't come off)
What I love about these are they're a stain but also a balm, which instantly makes me think of longer staying power. Stain's tend to be in 'felt tip pen' form and can be quite drying. I love that Revlon have combined the two for more moisturising in the balm but the stain staying longer.

This shade is quite a lilac/blue pink and when applied to the lip's is darker.

These are effortless and great to just apply and go without worrying about being precise.
Revlon also have a darker red berry shade which will be perfect for winter if you don't like the full on dark lipstick. 

At £5.99 I think it's a reasonable price although in Boot's they're currently £8.99, which is a little pricey for a 'drugstore' brand. So Superdrug may have this as an introductory offer.

In the range they also have another bright Barbie pink, a peach/coral and some dark shades. I'm sure everyone will find a shade they like and apply more or less depending on personal preference.

Overall I really love this idea of them being a stain too, they'll be handy to just apply quick and easily on my way to college if I'm in a rush. 

Do you like this idea? Are you a fan of lip stain's?



  1. I can't wait to try these, I've been waiting for them to become available in the UK. Need to get to Superdrug whilst they're cheaper! x

  2. This looks lovely, I'll be trying one instead of the over priced chubby sticks :)


  3. I think I might try these out while they're on offer, £9 seems way overpriced! Thanks for the review :)

  4. This is a really lovely shade. I really want to try these! xo

  5. I bought two of these the other day and I love them:D I'll have to pick up this shade next xxx

  6. These are on my wishlist, trouble is that I want every shade haha! x


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