9 July 2012

Sugar Skull nails Manicure Monday

OPI- 'Be a dahlia won't you?'OPI- 'Alpine Snow', Barry M- 'Strawberry', Elf- 'Gum Pink'

Just realised I've blogged every day since Saturday so far!

After finding the very inspiring Charla Vail's blog on Tumblr a while back this weekend I decided to make Sugar Skull's (post coming soon) and then wanted to paint my nail's, and also ended up painting a sugar skull on them too, I love how it came out though- these really didn't take me long either which I thought they would.

'Be a Dahlia won't you?' is my all time favourite polish, it's just gorgeous and remind's me of 'Let me entertain you' which was ltd Ed and painted at a Salon, so sad I can't pick it up but they're very similar! It sparkles so beautifully in the light like a glitter but is super smooth and dries so quickly.  I decided to use it on the Sugar Skull as the decoration and every time It catches the light it sparkles so nicely. Added some dot's of every colour used just to finish it off too!

What are you wearing on your's nail's this week? Do you like pink polish?



  1. The sugar skull nail looks amazing! x

  2. So glad more people are finding out about Charlavail. I've been following her for years now, and actually got to meet her last year! So inspiring. <3 x

  3. Very pretty, I wish I had the skill and patience to do nail designs!

  4. That looks so awesome! I'm awful at nail art so tend to stick to block colours :s

  5. These are gorgeous! I adore sugar skulls. Lovely! :-) xxx

  6. Wow that looks amazing I wish I had the patience x
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  7. I love this nail colour, it's so shimmery and I bet it's not half the hassle that removing glitter polish is but it looks just as nice! The decoration is cute too, I have way too much of a shakey hand to do something as detailed as that! Tilly M x

  8. I love this color, its so pretty! The skull design looks really cute with it!

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  9. I love the design and the shades you used! They are amazing D:



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