8 July 2012

Week in photo's 24th June- 8th July

Day's make-up, Revlon stain balm's, Pizza yum, Olympic flag's lining the road, Car, Loafers, Much deserved Macci d's, Childhood sweets, ombre, pink tic tacs!, whoopie pies, 
and again, Face, stuck in a car park b/c of Carnival, short's, Filled in one eyebrow lol

By the time I remembed to do my weekly round up post last week It was Monday! I'm glad I kept them up  for this long, I just need to remind myself! 

My eyebrow's have always been really thick and dark so I've never filled them in but thought I would just to see what they look like, actually quite liked them, even if I did wipe most of it off because I looked so weird, kind'a liked it though!

Also was stuck in a car park for an hour thank's to a local carnival down town yesterday, I never attempt town on Weekend's but the one day I want to pop in Superdrug the carnival's on, bad luck there!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday!



  1. Happy sunday to you too! Great post and photos :)


  2. Lovely post, too much yummy food for my liking!


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