24 July 2012

What I wore

Jumper- Topshop / Skirt- Miss Guided / Necklace- Ebay

I love this skirt from Miss Guided so much, I've worn it a few time's in post's on here. It's so versatile and just perfect for me. It did take me a while to search for the right 'black skirt' that I could easily pair with everything and this is it- they do have a few more colour's too which are tempting. I may even purchase a second in black as a 'just in case' purchase as I love it so much.
This jumper fall's quite un-usually so I tend to tuck it in or wear it with skinny jean's as it can make you look alot larger then you are, it's just the way it fall's, it's lovely though- I brought it last year. I used to be obsessed with Topshop when I was 14-16 especially their skinny jean's, it would be the only place I'd buy them as I was so short they were holygrail, but I suppose with age I've become more frugal and find other lovely pieces somewhere else cheaper and customize it myself, still a huge lover of Topshop though.

My necklace finally came from China, I've been after a 'collar' necklace for ages now. I really love the rose gold one from H&M too, but my little ebay searching got me this for only £2, bargainnnn.  Have some other pretty thing's which should be arriving soon which I can't wait for, anyone else get excited at post? I most probably won't when I'm older... bills! 

My nail art was also in Look magazine today which is so exciting!



  1. I love your outfit so much! Especially the skirt!


  2. Such a lovely simple outift.

  3. Wish I could get away with outfits like this, I just don't have the figure to wear a skirt in that kind of style. I love Topshop, but it can be so overpriced!

    Just found your blog through the Collection 2000 Olympic Nail Art page, good luck I've voted for you!

    Charlotte xo

  4. Lovely outfit, I have a black skater skirt from Topshop and it's one of my staple wardrobe pieces!
    They go with almost everything and are so easy to style for day/night wear. You look lovely :) x

  5. Gorgeous skirt, it hangs so nicely! Really pretty and flattering. Congrats on your nail art being featured! xxx

  6. Love the outfit. Very up my street :)


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