31 August 2012

Seche Vite put to the test - Review

Asos - £10.50

Top photo: freshly painted nails with Seche Vite applied as a topcoat

Bottom photo: after 18 day's of wear nothing extra done to them

When I first began blogging I'd heard alot of people talking about Seche Vite and also hearing this was the pro's holy grail for tip top nail's. Known to keep nail's super shiny, and keeping polish un-chipped and dry quickly. When I was on one of my 'beauty supply store' trips (which really isn't good for bank balances) I spotted this for £4.99 and decided to finally try it out. 

So what do they say?

"Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is acknowledged as the world's finest top coat

Absolutely will not chip and creates the highest gloss of any product on the market today"

I decided to put their 'Absolutely will not chip' claim to the test. The other week I blogged my 'nail's of the day' with Topshop's 'Nice n Neutral' and used the Seche Vite top coat, I first apply a thin layer at the tip's of the nail's and over the edge of them,  let it dry (which with this takes the shortest amount of time, so short that I could paint one hand and be ready to go back to them after doing the next) and then go back and apply a layer over the entire nail. I can see why this is the professionals holy grail this stuff is certainly amazing. 

The bottom photo show's how well the stuff work's, my thumb was still perfect and un-chipped like the other finger's and slightly chipped on my small finger. The only thing that show's it's been on a while is the growth of my nail's at the bottom which is obviously normal, plus my nail's grow really fast. I'm still impressed my nail's didn't have a single chip, at the end's I always get chipping quickly when using other top coat's, not a single chip after nearly 2 week's?! 
I also had super shiny nail's until I took it off too which i loved, usually nail's go a little 'dull' looking after a while. 

I'm one of those girl's that tend to change their nail colour every other day or weekly as I change my mind but for this I wanted to see how long it really would work and if I really could have un-chipped nail's.

Have you tried Seche Vite? what's your favourite top coat? 

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27 August 2012

Nail's of the day Pink and Sparkle

Elf - 'Gum Pink' 
Orly - 'Shine on crazy diamond'
Models Own - 'Juicy Jules'

Elf's 'Gum pink' is one of my favourite pink's and it really is lovely for such a low price, at only £1.50 you don't expect much. Although it can apply a tiny bit streaky it can be corrected with a good top coat.
Reader's may know how obsessed I am with any holographic nail polish, especially the amazing Glitter Gal range, available here. So I decided to do a little 'accent nail' of very sparkly holographic polish by layering Model's own and Orly. 

Are you a fan of accent nail's? 

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24 August 2012

Sleek 'Glory' Olympic's eyeshadow palette

Superdrug - £6.99

Sleek have recently brought a collection inspired by the Olympic's including a blusher, an eye shadow palette and lip conditioner.
When I saw a press photo of the palette I was a little un-sure, all I spotted was red & yellow which are not really colour's I ever wear. I still wanted to pick it up though as I couldn't miss an Olympics palette, plus there was a few neutral shades!
I'm so glad I picked this up, it's just gorgeous. Every shade is stunning even the red and yellow's and so pigmented. I swatched my three favourite's; Overground, Bakerloo & Victoria. I also love Underground but it's so light the camera refused to pick it up! You could easily apply Underground over the lid, Bakerloo in the crease and Overground as a highlight, such a pretty look! I did find They appeared a little bit frosty but with some blending it was fine.
I would buy a back up of this palette just for Overground, it's so so pretty. When I swatched this I couldn't stop staring at it, it pick's up the light so nicely and would be a perfect highlight shade or even lightly over the lid.

All shade's are actually named after underground station's and are the shade's the line's are which is such a good idea, I like that Sleek decided to include some shade's like the neutral's and named them 'Overground' & 'Underground' this palette would suit people who like neutral's or like bright's or even if you wanted a little change, perfect!

I'm so glad I picked this up, it's stunning. I've been meaning to buy Sleek palettes for age's, they're such good value for money and amazing quality. 12 good quality shade's for £7? Bargain!

Did you pick any of this collection up? Do you like this?
What other palettes do I need to pick up from Sleek?

22 August 2012

Bright blue - What I wore

Top- EbayBlazer- Miss GuidedSkirt- Miss GuidedShoes- Primark
Bag- Local market (Many on Ebay too!)

I love this bag it just isn't great for putting more then 2 thing's in it, it get's so heavy for some strange reason, yet it's still one of my favourites. I'm not joking when I say I see at-least 3 girl's with this bag when I go out in Essex, everyone and their mother has it! I grabbed mine on a stall when Christmas shopping (last year) for under £20 but I did plan on buying it on Ebay before seeing it, there's lot's on there to choose from!
I finally brought a bright blazer from Miss Guided, yay! I love it and yes, still want every single colour.

I really don't wear 'brights' at all but I seem to be loving them lately, do you like bright clothes?

17 August 2012

How I do Heatless Curls


Hair curler's - EbayKerastase Elixir Ultime - (I brought it from a hair salon) available here
Elnett Hairspray - Boot's

I filmed this the other week and did originally plan on adding it as a video, however I just always feel weird 'posting videos' of myself, I don't know. So instead I thought i'd crop it all down and show how I use my heatless curler's from Ebay. These are my bargain of the year I think, 99p for 18! They're literally what I've been looking for, for age's and they work perfectly for me. How good will these be to use in the morning's for college? just pull out, serum, spray, done. I won't be on the train doing it!
I've been looking for curler's to give me a 'finished' curl/wavy/ringlet's without using heat, I don't want to be curling my super thick hair in the morning's and also because I haven't used heat everyday on my hair since my school day's and don't really like to use it ever, just GHD's to tame my wild fringe occasionally.

I pop these in after washing my hair, I first apply the Kerastase serum as it make's my hair super shiny and stop's it going fluffy and wild when I take them out. I then try and put them up off my neck and face as they can scratch and annoy. Sleep in them and take them out in the morning.

Excuse the often miserable looking face I was concentrating taking these out haha! Also, the lack of make-up, oop's.


16 August 2012

Oriflame 'Swedish Spa' face scrub

Oriflame- £6.95*

Oriflame is a swedish company founded in 1967,  I was lucky enough to get the chance to try a few of their lovely product's. They sent me some item's from their 'Spa range' who doesn't want to feel like they're in a spa but the comfort of their home? 

What they say: 
"Reveal beautiful skin. After cleansing, smooth away dead cells with a light circular movement, without rubbing and avoiding the delicate eye area. With exfoliating particles, harmonising malachite and vitamin rich, softening Hydracare+"

I used this, like recommended after cleansing (with my Liz Earle C&P) and then lightly applied this to my face. It had such a lovely texture and surprisingly light and smooth, when I say smooth I meant to touch it also had the exfoliating pieces in the formula which were so tiny you could only feel them gently. The formula was also quite creamy and felt like even though it was exfoliating it wasn't stripping moisture from my normal-dry skin. This is the kind of scrub I like; one that isn't thick, gloopy and with huge sharp exfoliating bead's. 
I applied a thin layer all over my face, being gentle not to go near my eye's. Left it just a few second's and then removed it with warm water, then like I usually do, a splash of cold water to close my pores.

My skin was left looking rather nice, moisturised, fresh and a tad dewy in a healthy just had a 'facial' way. 
Oriflame recommend to then use their face mask in the same range, which I will also review soon!
I really loved this scrub, I'm a bit particular when it come's to exfoliating scrub's as most strip my dry skin, this one is now a favourite. Plus the tub is rather big, at 75ml it is going to last me quite a while!

  1. Do you like using scrub's? Have you tried any Oriflame product's?

12 August 2012

Week in photo's - 29th July to 12 August

Finally got a sewing machine! berry lipstick's, A-ok, Woof, Cute strawberry tart's, The best mat's, cute case's, Chick sat opposite the window, Bike 'Structure' for the Olympic's in Essex, Percy Piglet's, Plaits, Sunset, Weird magazine quote, yummy healthy food, Rossi Ice cream, Ikea

The sun is finally out! They held part of the Olympics down the road from where we live yesterday which is quite exciting, I love all the banner's and decorations everywhere. It's gone by so quickly, I remember being in school & everyone saying '2012' is the big year, I can't believe it's the closing ceremony tonight (Spice Girls!) This year is going by way to quickly, I'll be 18 in 2 month's! Woah.

Hope everyone had a lovely week, are you going to be watching the closing ceremony?

10 August 2012

Nail's of the day Topshop 'Nice n Neutral'

Topshop - £5.00

Recently I tend to be wearing more neutral shade's on my nail's as I just love how they look quite smart with any outfit. This is such a gorgeous shade from Topshop and good quality. Within two coat's I had achieved full opaque nail's and didn't take forever to dry. 
It's quite a pink toned brown / neutral and quite un-usual, I don't think I have any other polish to compare this to in my stash, even my dad noticed my nails for their 'unusual colour'!

I really love this shade and can see it becoming my new go to favourite.

Are you fan of neutral nail's? Do you like Topshop nail polish?


8 August 2012

Rimmel eyeshadow in 'True Union Jack'

(Shade's swatched as numbered on the back)
Boot's - £6.99

Rimmel actually have a couple of these mini palettes with different shade's in, all in the shape of the Union flag. 
Anything themed with cute British thing's I love and tend to pick up, I saw this in Boot's month's ago and made a mental note to buy it. I first thought this was brought out as a collection with Kate Moss but it look's like it's permanent. Some palettes have the classic Rimmel crown but other's were plain.
The shade's in this are un-usual for me to go for, I would usually pick the brown neutral one but this looked too pretty to resist. 
I love that on the reverse of the palette they number each shade & recommend how to wear it, which I'm definitely going to try, I wouldn't have thought to pair pink & blue together but these two are gorgeous.

Each shade compliment's eachother amazingly, the white/silver shade has hint's of pink in the light, the pink has a lighter pink sheen to it, the blue has the same as well but in lighter blue and then the black also has blue glitter in it. To the eye the black look's like a gorgeous midnight blue but it's the pieces of glitter. They are very shimmery so wouldn't suit those who prefer matte shadow's. They don't contain pieces of glitter as such except the black shade. All were very pigmented but the silver you only needed the smallest amount and show's up beautifully.

Overall I love this little palette, the shade's are all really nice and will definitely use this alot.
Have you swatched this? do you like it?

5 August 2012

Wishlist #1

Givenchy Photo Perfexion light £30.50 Debenham's / Cat pump's £15 via Ebay  /  Chronograph watch £25 River Island / Mac eyeshadow in Moth Brown £12 / Skull bracelet 99p via Ebay / Blazer Miss Guided £24.99 / Moschino Inspired belt via Ebay / 
Dot Marc Jacob's / Clarin's Beauty Balm £28 

I never tend to do these post's but felt like doing one today! 

Givenchy Photo Perfexion light foundation-
Ever since the Givenchy make-up artist applied this on me last Christmas I've been wanting to pick it up, it's known for being natural like skin coverage and cake-proof... perfect?! she said she recommend's it to all young model's as it look's so invisible. Plus it matched my skin well, the only foundation that I've found to match me is my Missha B.B cream. It did look amazing, I couldn't stop looking at my dewy perfect skin after she had applied it! 

Cat pumps- 
These remind me of the cute Miu Miu cat, so cute! I haven't got a nice pair of pump's to wear 
and think these fit it very nicely.

Chronograph River Island watch-
I'm still loving chronograph watches and this is quite a good price compared to other's I've seen, I think even If I had a Michael Kors or Marc Jacob's I'd be scared to wear and damage it, how annoying would that be!

Mac eyeshadow in Moth Brown-
This look's like my ideal brown shade from seeing swatches, arriving in the 'Request' collection I can't wait to pick it up, hopefully it's as pretty in person as the photo's are!

Skull Bracelet-
Alexander McQueen dupe? yes please. I love this, I keep seeing the real thing paired with lovely chronograph watches on Tumblr and loving how it all look's. 

Miss Guided Blazer in Coral-
One in every colour, please! This is basically the ideal blazer I've been searching for, It's been on my 'list to buy' for absolute ages that I should just buy it now. They've even added more colour's Burgundy for winter and some other's too. There's so many shade's to choose from!

Moschino Inspired belt-
I love how this belt just look's so stunning on everyone, it seem's to pull people's outfit's together and I just love how it look's.

Dot Marc Jacob's-
I smelt this the other day and it was rather yum. Plus how could you not love that pretty bottle sitting on your table? I love the Marc Jacob's perfume packaging, it really is so cute. I usually go for 'stronger' smelling perfumes like Alien but still liked this.

Clarin's Beauty Balm-
I think this has been Clarin's best seller for over 10year's? I recently saw a review on this and after googling more saw that this is a really good primer and moisturiser plus also good for quick 'facials' I'm still on the search for a decent primer and would love to try this!

What's on your wishlist lately?

2 August 2012

I got chills, they're multiplying- What I wore

Blouse- Glamorous* / 'Disco Pants'- Love Label / Clutch- Select

I thought the title would be quite appropriate seeing as anytime I see disco pant's I instantly think of Sandy and the rather fun ending scene in Grease. I did a little post on these 'trousers' here the other day and said I would do an outfit post so here it is! They're so versatile I think they will be paired with most of my wardrobe.

This is my new favourite bag, I love this clutch soo much. It has stud's, that's all I need to say. Anything with stud's I love. It look's so much more expensive then it really was which is always a bonus, right?

First time I've got an outfit post wearing trouser's too, woo!
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