16 August 2012

Oriflame 'Swedish Spa' face scrub

Oriflame- £6.95*

Oriflame is a swedish company founded in 1967,  I was lucky enough to get the chance to try a few of their lovely product's. They sent me some item's from their 'Spa range' who doesn't want to feel like they're in a spa but the comfort of their home? 

What they say: 
"Reveal beautiful skin. After cleansing, smooth away dead cells with a light circular movement, without rubbing and avoiding the delicate eye area. With exfoliating particles, harmonising malachite and vitamin rich, softening Hydracare+"

I used this, like recommended after cleansing (with my Liz Earle C&P) and then lightly applied this to my face. It had such a lovely texture and surprisingly light and smooth, when I say smooth I meant to touch it also had the exfoliating pieces in the formula which were so tiny you could only feel them gently. The formula was also quite creamy and felt like even though it was exfoliating it wasn't stripping moisture from my normal-dry skin. This is the kind of scrub I like; one that isn't thick, gloopy and with huge sharp exfoliating bead's. 
I applied a thin layer all over my face, being gentle not to go near my eye's. Left it just a few second's and then removed it with warm water, then like I usually do, a splash of cold water to close my pores.

My skin was left looking rather nice, moisturised, fresh and a tad dewy in a healthy just had a 'facial' way. 
Oriflame recommend to then use their face mask in the same range, which I will also review soon!
I really loved this scrub, I'm a bit particular when it come's to exfoliating scrub's as most strip my dry skin, this one is now a favourite. Plus the tub is rather big, at 75ml it is going to last me quite a while!

  1. Do you like using scrub's? Have you tried any Oriflame product's?


  1. I have to use a gentle exfoliator every day otherwise my skin hates me! I know you shouldn't scrub everyday so I have to be really careful to make sure its gentle. At the moment I use the freederm although this sounds just lovely! xx

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  2. I use a face scrub every day, and I really like it.
    As for oriflame, I really like every product I've tried, I'm one of their dealerships so I get free products, I also have a few reviews on my blog about their products :)
    Amazing blog btw :)
    would you check mine :3


  3. I LOVE Oriflame products, and this is one of my favorites! It's good that you donn't have to use too much of product, a little bit is enough and it lasts soooo long! It get that smooth texture but in a same time it's great scrub because it has that tiny but effective exfoliating pieces! Like your review !!!


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