8 August 2012

Rimmel eyeshadow in 'True Union Jack'

(Shade's swatched as numbered on the back)
Boot's - £6.99

Rimmel actually have a couple of these mini palettes with different shade's in, all in the shape of the Union flag. 
Anything themed with cute British thing's I love and tend to pick up, I saw this in Boot's month's ago and made a mental note to buy it. I first thought this was brought out as a collection with Kate Moss but it look's like it's permanent. Some palettes have the classic Rimmel crown but other's were plain.
The shade's in this are un-usual for me to go for, I would usually pick the brown neutral one but this looked too pretty to resist. 
I love that on the reverse of the palette they number each shade & recommend how to wear it, which I'm definitely going to try, I wouldn't have thought to pair pink & blue together but these two are gorgeous.

Each shade compliment's eachother amazingly, the white/silver shade has hint's of pink in the light, the pink has a lighter pink sheen to it, the blue has the same as well but in lighter blue and then the black also has blue glitter in it. To the eye the black look's like a gorgeous midnight blue but it's the pieces of glitter. They are very shimmery so wouldn't suit those who prefer matte shadow's. They don't contain pieces of glitter as such except the black shade. All were very pigmented but the silver you only needed the smallest amount and show's up beautifully.

Overall I love this little palette, the shade's are all really nice and will definitely use this alot.
Have you swatched this? do you like it?


  1. That looks adorable! I'm definitely going to keep an eye on Rimmel's new union flag eyeshadows!

  2. those sound great :) thanks for sharing your honest opinion and experiences!
    should check them out. love also the design! so cute :D

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  3. Oooh it is a very cute palette!

  4. I always like the look of these but feel like after a few uses they'd all blend into one shade xo

    1. I thought that when I first saw them too, it has little divider's so I'll just make sure to use a tiny brush so I don't mess it up! xx


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