31 August 2012

Seche Vite put to the test - Review

Asos - £10.50

Top photo: freshly painted nails with Seche Vite applied as a topcoat

Bottom photo: after 18 day's of wear nothing extra done to them

When I first began blogging I'd heard alot of people talking about Seche Vite and also hearing this was the pro's holy grail for tip top nail's. Known to keep nail's super shiny, and keeping polish un-chipped and dry quickly. When I was on one of my 'beauty supply store' trips (which really isn't good for bank balances) I spotted this for £4.99 and decided to finally try it out. 

So what do they say?

"Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is acknowledged as the world's finest top coat

Absolutely will not chip and creates the highest gloss of any product on the market today"

I decided to put their 'Absolutely will not chip' claim to the test. The other week I blogged my 'nail's of the day' with Topshop's 'Nice n Neutral' and used the Seche Vite top coat, I first apply a thin layer at the tip's of the nail's and over the edge of them,  let it dry (which with this takes the shortest amount of time, so short that I could paint one hand and be ready to go back to them after doing the next) and then go back and apply a layer over the entire nail. I can see why this is the professionals holy grail this stuff is certainly amazing. 

The bottom photo show's how well the stuff work's, my thumb was still perfect and un-chipped like the other finger's and slightly chipped on my small finger. The only thing that show's it's been on a while is the growth of my nail's at the bottom which is obviously normal, plus my nail's grow really fast. I'm still impressed my nail's didn't have a single chip, at the end's I always get chipping quickly when using other top coat's, not a single chip after nearly 2 week's?! 
I also had super shiny nail's until I took it off too which i loved, usually nail's go a little 'dull' looking after a while. 

I'm one of those girl's that tend to change their nail colour every other day or weekly as I change my mind but for this I wanted to see how long it really would work and if I really could have un-chipped nail's.

Have you tried Seche Vite? what's your favourite top coat? 

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  1. I am SO impressed with how long this topcoat made your polish last! I don't change my polish very often (if I can help it) so this would be perfect for me :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. So was I, I thought maybe a week but to last 18 days is mad!
      It'll be great if you don't like to change often, will definitely last longer :) xx

  2. Such a classy and elegant shade! Deifinitely a must have :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    New follower here,

  3. I tried Seche Vite's top coat and have also reviewed it on my blog, your results look wonderfull compared to mine! At the moment I've had the same nail polish on my nails for 5 days now and I've already got chips :(

    My quest continues to find my perfect topcoat lol xoxo

    1. Aw that's a shame, I'm surprised it lasted on me because i do diy's alot and ruin my nails!
      OPI do some really good top & base coat's :)

  4. I'm really impressed how well it worked for you! I bought it last year too and my nails chipped like crazy in less than day! x

  5. I love Seche Vites top coat :) just got back from holiday and it didn't chip once! x

  6. Wow, this sounds amazing! I'd always dismissed it as an overly-hyped product but I may just have to give this a whirl, it sounds amazing! xxx

  7. I love Seche Vite for speeding up polishing but it goes gloopy and weird in the bottle after a while, and sometimes when I use it I can peel off my polish like a full nail...odd.

  8. wow thats amazing! need to Check that out!

    please check out my blog I'm just starting out and it means a lot <3 thank you :) xoxoxo



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