24 August 2012

Sleek 'Glory' Olympic's eyeshadow palette

Superdrug - £6.99

Sleek have recently brought a collection inspired by the Olympic's including a blusher, an eye shadow palette and lip conditioner.
When I saw a press photo of the palette I was a little un-sure, all I spotted was red & yellow which are not really colour's I ever wear. I still wanted to pick it up though as I couldn't miss an Olympics palette, plus there was a few neutral shades!
I'm so glad I picked this up, it's just gorgeous. Every shade is stunning even the red and yellow's and so pigmented. I swatched my three favourite's; Overground, Bakerloo & Victoria. I also love Underground but it's so light the camera refused to pick it up! You could easily apply Underground over the lid, Bakerloo in the crease and Overground as a highlight, such a pretty look! I did find They appeared a little bit frosty but with some blending it was fine.
I would buy a back up of this palette just for Overground, it's so so pretty. When I swatched this I couldn't stop staring at it, it pick's up the light so nicely and would be a perfect highlight shade or even lightly over the lid.

All shade's are actually named after underground station's and are the shade's the line's are which is such a good idea, I like that Sleek decided to include some shade's like the neutral's and named them 'Overground' & 'Underground' this palette would suit people who like neutral's or like bright's or even if you wanted a little change, perfect!

I'm so glad I picked this up, it's stunning. I've been meaning to buy Sleek palettes for age's, they're such good value for money and amazing quality. 12 good quality shade's for £7? Bargain!

Did you pick any of this collection up? Do you like this?
What other palettes do I need to pick up from Sleek?


  1. I don't blame you for wanting a back up purely for overground! It's a gorgeous palette, though I'd neglect the brights reds and yellow.


  2. I have to get my hands on this palette it is absolutely gorgeous! Well described too!



  3. I also have the Bad Girl palette from Sleek, great for smoky eyes!


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