12 August 2012

Week in photo's - 29th July to 12 August

Finally got a sewing machine! berry lipstick's, A-ok, Woof, Cute strawberry tart's, The best mat's, cute case's, Chick sat opposite the window, Bike 'Structure' for the Olympic's in Essex, Percy Piglet's, Plaits, Sunset, Weird magazine quote, yummy healthy food, Rossi Ice cream, Ikea

The sun is finally out! They held part of the Olympics down the road from where we live yesterday which is quite exciting, I love all the banner's and decorations everywhere. It's gone by so quickly, I remember being in school & everyone saying '2012' is the big year, I can't believe it's the closing ceremony tonight (Spice Girls!) This year is going by way to quickly, I'll be 18 in 2 month's! Woah.

Hope everyone had a lovely week, are you going to be watching the closing ceremony?


  1. The Mr.Bump cases are very cute!

  2. So much yummy food, making me ravenous! I love those adorable suitcases, very cute :-) xxx

  3. i want that strawberry tart hahaha
    cool blog btw i'm following you now :)

  4. Lovely photos! Where was the door mat from - I love it!

    Lindsey. x


    1. Ikea! I have seen them cheaper on some market's too :) x


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