2 September 2012

Week in photo's 12th August - 2nd September

Photo taking, Woof falling asleep on my fabric, New sunglasses, Homemade pie for dinner,  
mini Giveaway! (enter here), Collaging, Cute dog at the Kennel's, Christmas post idea's, 
Moschino belt arrived (sadly have to wait for my b'day :/) Lot's of pretty Topshop polish, 
Walking home  in the rain storm's,  Apple crumble, Horses near my house, Long wait at the Post Office (35 people!!), Paralympics opening ceremony, Soaked from the rain, Slate heart's in the Garden, Face, Oh Harry!

I've been slacking on regularly posting these every Sunday, and so instead will try and ramble them all up to one every other week.
I've got a few DIY's that I'll be posting soon including simple skirt's etc's. 
I also posted a giveaway the other day, there's still lot's of time to go over and enter here.
I booked my driving test this week which is sort of scary, eee. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely week!

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  1. I really like this snapshots set!
    By the way, maybe you want to follow each other on bloglovin and google friend connect?let me know it!:)

  2. what a busy week!
    and you've made me want aaaaalllll of those topshop polishes mrs!
    you'll do great in your driving test, and if you don't pass first time, that's fine, all the best drivers pass fourth time... my instructor told me that when i finally passed! hah, anyway i'll have my fingers crossed for you.
    you have a lovely blog, i'm now you're newest follower, eeee, how exiting, i'm looking forward to seeing all your posts.
    you seem so lovely, i really hope we can speak soon.
    hope to hear from you,
    laura xx


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