5 August 2012

Wishlist #1

Givenchy Photo Perfexion light £30.50 Debenham's / Cat pump's £15 via Ebay  /  Chronograph watch £25 River Island / Mac eyeshadow in Moth Brown £12 / Skull bracelet 99p via Ebay / Blazer Miss Guided £24.99 / Moschino Inspired belt via Ebay / 
Dot Marc Jacob's / Clarin's Beauty Balm £28 

I never tend to do these post's but felt like doing one today! 

Givenchy Photo Perfexion light foundation-
Ever since the Givenchy make-up artist applied this on me last Christmas I've been wanting to pick it up, it's known for being natural like skin coverage and cake-proof... perfect?! she said she recommend's it to all young model's as it look's so invisible. Plus it matched my skin well, the only foundation that I've found to match me is my Missha B.B cream. It did look amazing, I couldn't stop looking at my dewy perfect skin after she had applied it! 

Cat pumps- 
These remind me of the cute Miu Miu cat, so cute! I haven't got a nice pair of pump's to wear 
and think these fit it very nicely.

Chronograph River Island watch-
I'm still loving chronograph watches and this is quite a good price compared to other's I've seen, I think even If I had a Michael Kors or Marc Jacob's I'd be scared to wear and damage it, how annoying would that be!

Mac eyeshadow in Moth Brown-
This look's like my ideal brown shade from seeing swatches, arriving in the 'Request' collection I can't wait to pick it up, hopefully it's as pretty in person as the photo's are!

Skull Bracelet-
Alexander McQueen dupe? yes please. I love this, I keep seeing the real thing paired with lovely chronograph watches on Tumblr and loving how it all look's. 

Miss Guided Blazer in Coral-
One in every colour, please! This is basically the ideal blazer I've been searching for, It's been on my 'list to buy' for absolute ages that I should just buy it now. They've even added more colour's Burgundy for winter and some other's too. There's so many shade's to choose from!

Moschino Inspired belt-
I love how this belt just look's so stunning on everyone, it seem's to pull people's outfit's together and I just love how it look's.

Dot Marc Jacob's-
I smelt this the other day and it was rather yum. Plus how could you not love that pretty bottle sitting on your table? I love the Marc Jacob's perfume packaging, it really is so cute. I usually go for 'stronger' smelling perfumes like Alien but still liked this.

Clarin's Beauty Balm-
I think this has been Clarin's best seller for over 10year's? I recently saw a review on this and after googling more saw that this is a really good primer and moisturiser plus also good for quick 'facials' I'm still on the search for a decent primer and would love to try this!

What's on your wishlist lately?


  1. I want a mochino belt! That skull bracelet looks bad ass.

  2. I've not heard of Dot - is that a new Marc Jacobs perfume? Love the gold watch :) And those cat flats definitely remind me of Miu Miu!

  3. I am desperate for marc jacobs dot! x

  4. Hi dear :) in love with this post hun! what do you think of following each other on GFC? Let me know
    Keep in touch



  5. Loving the Moschino belt and skull bracelet, both gorgeous! xxx

  6. Thanks for following me! Great Wishlist. X


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