18 September 2012

A mini afternoon D.I.Y

Jumper - Primark, men's section
Stud's- Ebay

Just a little post on a mini 'up-date' I did to a jumper I brought recently.
Large fitting jumper's are one of my favourite's during winter, especially under jacket's when it's so cold, anyone else think this year has gone by so fast? it's only a few month's until Christmas!
Autumn/winter is my favourite season though and I'm already picking up bit's to wear for winter.
I picked this up in Primark the other week in the men's section, it was on the sale rail for only £5 bargain.
I definitely recommend checking out the men's section in Primark it's great for jewellery and basic's.

This is good if you just fancy doing a spot of diy on one afternoon and updating something in your wardrobe. I only had a few left as I've been using them on my denim short's. I've been doing lot's of diy's lately and will try to write up some post's soon!

Do you like studding thing's?

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  1. Love this DIY! The studs looks so good with the jumper :)

  2. I love this DIY, I'm so hopeless at anything crafty, even the simplest of things. I also love the hanger!?

    Lucy x

  3. I love studded things! Really like all your DIY's now following you, would love you to check out my blog too. Naomi xx


  4. Love love love studs, jumpers, Primark AND The Beatles. Could this post get any better? Haha, great idea - so true about the mens section! :-) xxx


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