22 September 2012

Custom Eye-Shadow/Blush palette-D.I.Y

Eyes lips face - £1.50 each

For age's I've been wanting to make a custom palette so I could just take my favourite's on the go instead of individual's. I didn't really want to spend £10-15 on other empty palettes I found etc, so instead tried out the custom palettes from ELF, at £1.50 it's a bargain and not a huge deal if anything broke in my bag.
I picked up two and one of the eyeshadow's (which unfortunately didn't work too well for me, it arrived with a huge chunk out of it and when swatched it didn't have the most colour pay off, I'm a huge fan of ELF but the eyeshadow wasn't great at all)

It arrives with the pan divider (as seen on the left) which easily pop's out. The bottom of it has a magnetic sheet. You can buy circle magnet sheet's which are really thin here but I just took one off an old fridge magnet, I stuck it to the back of my eyeshadow pan with some craft glue, or temporarily double sided tape.

These palette's aren't as large as other palette's available but are great if you just want a couple of blusher's and shadow's to go.

Would you try this out?

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  1. I love to make my own too as such. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!


  2. That's such a bargain!!!! I really want to get one as I'm always misplacing my loose shadows so this would be perfect xx


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