28 September 2012

Floral Cushion Cover's - D.I.Y

Fabric - Ikea
Zip - Hobbycraft

I can't believe it's taken me this long to find out Ikea sell fabric! they have so many nice one's and a good amount i'll be going there again! When I spotted this I decided it was about time my pink bed cushion's should have a new lease of life. It's so pretty because it look's like the flower's are painted with watercolour's.
 p.s- they also have some lovely Cath Kidston dupes of floral's!
This was only my second project using my new sewing machine and the fabric was so easy to sew it just ran through nice and quickly. It's a super easy project that you could also do with a needle & thread (which is what I did before when making a clutch bag) 
Don't forget to allow a little extra for seam allowances when cutting.
Sew inside out (best side facing eachother) it's up to personal preference if you want to sew the zip on first or last, I did one side first but doing the other side last actually came out much neater and straighter. I'm not the best at sewing zip's and sewing 'Invisible Zip's' were a little trickier to sew in. 
I recommend giving it a really good iron, concentrating ironing extra on the part's you stitched (every side) to make it look neater and stay better. Turn inside out and pop in your pillow and it's finished.
I love how it came out and will now do my other matching one once I buy another zip.

Would you try this? Have you tried making pillow/cushion cover's before?

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  1. Ikea does fabrics?! Haha, love this DIY though and I'm definitely going to give it a go, I'm useless at sewing and this sounds like a good place to start!

    Frances xx


  2. This looks great! I've never tried making a cushion cover before but I might try and give it a go x


  3. Wow, it looks really good, I love your choice of pattern! I bought a giant pillow back in March and some fabric but never got round to making the case, this has reminded me I still need to do it :)

  4. You're so talented! This is something I'd love to try out myself. I make jewellery but I've never tried sewing - it's something I'd love to do though. Going to follow your blog :) looking forward to more tutorials xo

  5. Awesome DIY! Love the print.

    xx, Martha

  6. Thanks for this great tutorial!!!

  7. Wow, so detailed! Thanks for the tutorial. ^_^


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