16 September 2012

Week in photo's - Start of September...

torch bearer at the Parade, Train ride home, EBay Bargain, Face, Sign Paralympic's, DIY Velvet skirt (Post here), Jessica Ennis at the Victory Parade, New thing's, View from the train, Lemon Ice!, Treat after College, OOTD, Yummy hot chocolate, Sunny shade's, Amusing train waiting time's, Red Arrow's while on the train home

Apologies for barely blogging this week, College has started and it's basically taking up much of my time, and sleeping and life the other half.
I do have lot's of post's planned, I just haven't had time to write them up but once I get a lot more organised I'll schedule post's!

As part of my college project I had to interview & take photo's of the Olympic Victory Parade Monday which was really great to see, I took so many photo's and the streets really were packed (thank you zoom lense!)

Been browsing EBay so much lately & seen soo many thing's I like. Currently loving this  this  and this 
I'm actually typing this up on my iPod for a change mainly because I'm so tired, hopefully it publishes ok!


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