30 October 2012

Halloween Nail's

Today was one of those 'everything is going wrong' day's, wrong day to choose too paint my nail's!
Not the neatest of nails I've done but I'm still quite pleased with how they came out, couldn't refuse to do some Halloween nail's! Halloween is my favourite time of the year. 

Have you got Halloween themed nail's? Link them in the comment's, would love a look!

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28 October 2012

Week in photo's 21st-28th October

OOTD (post here), Yummy Twirl, Amazing street performer's, Wooly hat sort of day, Make-up brush cleaning time, Brought a car!!, Riding Pant's, Stuck on train's, Basket full- shopping time!, A.A Easy Jean's, Healthy eating, Harrod's, new top, new Oyster Card, Graffiti, Big Ben, Amazing art show in London, Pumpkin time, Finally tried on some Lita's, Love

Had a busy lovely filled week! This time last week was my 18th, I then brought my own little car which feel's so so strange but amazing, went on my first drive since my test. Spent a few day's in London and biked around the city, shopped. Being terrified on a rickshaw down Oxford Street, trying on thing's/ falling in love with item's in American Apparel & Jeffrey Campbell that hurt bank balances.
Feel like I haven't had a time to stop and just breathe for month's but sometimes being busy help's everything. 

Hope everyone has had a nice week!

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26 October 2012

Mac - By Request Lipstick's: Candy Yum Yum & Moxie

Back when Mac announced the 'By Request' collection I was really excited, mainly because ever since reading in Look Magazine that the lipstick Kelly Osbourne wore was called 'Candy Yum Yum' I'd been wanting to get hold of it. 
This was actually the only lipstick I planned on ordering but Moxie also found itself in my cart.  I'm glad I did decide to order it, it's such a pretty pink and partly remind's me of the Marilyn for Mac 'Love Goddess' lipstick (post here) In some photo's online the two lipstick looked very similar but in person their non comparable. Candy yum yum is very much a pink neon and moxie more of a warm deep red-pink. Both lipstick's are matte finish which I'm always so so wary of wearing in-case it show's up all the bad part's of the lip's. I used Candy Yum Yum as a really blended in stain and it looked so nice, it also look's nice with a lip balm or gloss over the top for anyone who doesn't like the matte look or just want's to switch it up for a change.

These are both gorgeous bold lipstick's, I originally thought CYY will be my favourite but I think Moxie has won me over this time, I seem to be loving these types of pink's lately!

Did you pick up any of these or the By Request collection?

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23 October 2012

Birthday time!

Top - Topshop petit
Skirt - Ebay (seller no longer sells the one I brought, similar linked!)
Nightwalkers (not shown in post, see here) EBay

Sunday was my Birthday, and I'm now a whole year older since my last blog post. It's a little weird to think I'm now 18 and ~Technically~ an adult (scary stuff) But had a lovely weekend, also met up with my old best friend from school who I haven't seen in year's and tried on Lita's which reluctantly had to leave in the shop *sadface* also got stuck on numerous train stations in the pouring rain (never good when you have Primarni bags, major soppiness) waiting for trains and travel pass annoyances. Oh the fun.

My mum and I made my cake which I'm really happy with it came out just as I planned, I loveee the ombre heart's round the side so much.
Off to stay in London tomorrow as part of my birthday, so excited as I love wandering round London and taking far too many photo's. 
Thank you to everyone for your birthday messages!

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20 October 2012

How to: Cupcake Nail's

After posting about my nails of the day here and a few of you saying yes to a 'How To' I thought I'd post exactly that. How I did these cute little cup's of cake!
I find them super simple and quite quick to do, even though they can look a little bit tricky when you look at them. All I would recommend is making sure the polish is fully dry before moving on to each step. I didn't actually use any 'nail tools' for this such as dotting Tool's. Cocktail stick's and sewing pin's was all, so hopefully everyone can have a go at doing them! My lines of the cupcake wrapper aren't as neat as I would like because I didn't use a brush but it's nothing a good top coat won't erase. Seche Vite saves the day.

Let me know if you give these a try!

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19 October 2012

Week in photo's 14th October

(L-R) Cupcake nail's (Post soon!), Last driving lesson, Passed card's, yum, big pigeon, all day powercut :(, Before my driving test ee, diy inspo, Surprise Card, New lipstick's (post soon!), oh hi feet~, Cookies, Pretty Sunset, Baking haul?, wooly hat, Got out the Christmas furry sock's, Panda hat kind'a day, Treat's for passing, I passed!, Cake pop's

It's been a very exciting but strange week. I passed my driving test which was so exciting, nerves totally took over me but luckily I had the nicest friendly instructor and I pulled myself together. Also been practising baking my birthday cake repeatedly, never sure why I decide to bake my own cake instead of buying one from Tesco's but nothing wrong with having a go! 
Very excited for next week as it's my birthday, starting to feel a bit old but yay.

Hope everyone had a nice week


18 October 2012

Cupcake birthday nails

I fancied doing something cute & pink on my nail's for my birthday in a few day's, I thought cupcakes would be quite apt! 
I'd been wanting to paint some cute cupcakes on my nail's for a while, I always thought they would be a little bit tricky but these only took me half hour or so to do. I hadn't used OPI's Bubble Bath as of now because it always looked a little too light and thin of a shade. I was going to use my go to nude by Orly (used here) but it was too yellow based for what I wanted. Bubble Bath actually worked so well and was perfect for just what I wanted; light enough to look like my normal nail's and also thin enough to not scream there is a  "base nude" under the cupcakes.
I may do a little how to post for anyone wanting to re-create these nail's, if anyone would like to see how to do them? 

Do you like these? 
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16 October 2012

Marilyn Monroe for Mac 'Love Goddess' Lipstick

'Love Goddess' - Mac Cosmetics

Quite photo heavy but I'm really in love with this beautiful packaging. When I first saw a promo of these I definitely wanted to pick up at-least one thing in the collection purely for the packaging and Norma Jean. Of course this collection had to have red lipstick's, it surely wouldn't be very Marilyn without it. Mac also included a nude lipstick which actually looked very nice (covering all preferences) Of course when Mac bring out a limited edition collection people snap it up and even more so if it's pretty and out of norm packaging, this was so hard to get hold of! After seeing it pop up on Mac I waited until the morning but it was sold out by the time I went to order, after searching house of fraser, debenham's etc I had no luck except paying Selfridges and their rather pricey p&p. 
I'm so glad I managed to get it though it's so gorgeous, the packaging even more so in real life. It's a gorgeous pink tinted red satin lipstick with a strong colour pay off. 
It's such an un-usual pink but so lovely and even though I'd not want to use all this up I think this will be getting lot's of use. I would have loved to pick up Scarlet Ibis, it really look's like a perfect red lipstick.
The Marilyn Monroe is actually a sleeve packaging which reveal's a standard mac lipstick box (good if you want to keep the limited edition sleeve and back to mac the box) I love the little detail touch of the red lipstick print on the opening of the box, oh so Marilyn. 

I really liked the look of this collection and would have picked up more if Mac hadn't strangely hiked up the price's, hmm. 
I would have loved to see what Marilyn would have included herself if she was here to design it all. 

Did you pick anything up from this collection? Do you like the packaging?

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14 October 2012

Boucle biker Outfit of the day

Top - H&M
Necklace - Ebay
Jacket - Primark  (Similar here)
Skirt - Missguided

I feel like I haven't posted an outfit in age's so thought I would do one today half way through the night  I actually took these photo's at 1.30am oop's.
 I didn't have time during the day but wanted to write up a post. I found this jacket in Primark but they only had small sizes left so was really gutted leaving without one. Alas on my next trip in town my mum spotted load's on the sale rail and managed to pick one up in my size, £25 down to £10 yay! I love it so much it really goes with quite alot, and of course my favourite MissGuided skirt. I always feel quite 'smart' when wearing this.

Also, I passed my driving test first time on Friday which I'm super happy about. I had the nicest instructor which really made a big difference. It seemed all the silly driver's came out that day to thoroughly test me but I got through it. The time they took to check their sheet honestly felt like the longest few minute's ever. Huge hug's and thank's to the lovely ladies who wished me luck before my test & the congrat's on Twitter, My Ipod went crazy!

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9 October 2012

Oilatum natural repair face cream

Boot's - £7.65

I'm sure most people reading this will have either heard about it or used it. Last year Nicola from Pixiwoo recommended this as a really good moisturiser for under make-up, but also moisturising enough for dry skin. Moisturiser for dry skin is usually thick and a bit of a pain to even think about applying make-up over the top, so this sounded very ideal. 
I'll admit it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. I've been using my trusty Nivea cream since I started secondary school and has actually been the only moisturiser I've ever used. My skin was getting more dry patches then what it usually does as it was winter so I decided to finally try this out. It's a few pound's more then my old Nivea cream, but I'd now go as far to say it's as good as (maybe even better) then the Nivea. 

I still  haven't got the hang on applying this everyday before my make-up as I'm always in a rush to get it applied and go. When I do have time I wear this under it and I have no issue with those annoying 'balls' that happen with most when you apply foundation over moisturiser. It doesn't take long to dry depending that a thin layer is applied. I apply this every night after my skincare routine. I find it best to apply a small amount on to my finger's, rub them together to warm it up and then apply around my nose first and in between my eyebrow's (as this is where I commonly get dry patches with cold weather) and then apply the rest over my face, then repeat the same amount down my neck.

I'm really lucky to not suffer from un-even skin or any skin problem's but the next morning I'm always greeted with such smooth, soft, healthy looking skin. It look's like it's been lightly airbrushed (don't know how this stuff does it but I'm amazed!) 
This is one of the other reason's I prefer to apply it the night before rather then under make-up as it just seem's to make my skin look so much better in the morning.

I'm now nearly at the end of my tube and I'm definitely re-purchasing, this is one of my holy grail product's. £7.65 is such a good price for the effectiveness this product give's and how amazing it is.
Even though 50ml isn't much, it's lasted me age's. Would be great if they did bigger size's though!

Have you tried this? What's your favourite moisturiser?

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7 October 2012

Round up End of September - Start of October

Surprise Hot Choc after a long day, Fluffiest & Cutest kitty cat, Finally using my winter 11' Yankee Candle,  Waiting to go on a lesson, Studying for my test,  Bzzz honey, Face of the day, Sunday Baking, Woof sleeping on my college work, Yummy Chicken Soup to make me feel better, Ombre cake decoration's, Mmmm cake, Making pizza dough, 
DIY Cushion Cover (post here), Rainbow, Current Favourite's 

October is my favourite month of the year, not only because It's the month of my birthday (ee still can't believe I'm going to be a year older soon :/) but it finally feel's like it's getting colder and you can put on your big and warm jumper's, cardigans and go out wearing beanies. Halloween is also my all time favourite holiday along with Christmas of course. 
I have my driving test next Friday which I'm so excitedly nervous for, let's hope this time next week I would have happily passed. Now to read up on my show me tell me's and read my book every day until then! Also, ordering this. can't wait to try it out. Seen so many good review's on it! May have a solution for us blogger's wanting to take photo's and bad winter light this cold season.

Hope you're all well and having a lovely Sunday.


5 October 2012

3 Top pick's - Winter boot's for £20 or under!

I love buying winter boot's & coat's when it come's to this cold time of year. Some shop's charge quite a lot for very lovely boot's but I thought I would have a little search for some cheaper, so cheap that you can get either one of these pair's above for £20 or under. 
It's hard to pick a favourite from the three but I think the 'Chelsea heeled boot's' are the biggest bargain. They remind me of Topshop 11' when everyone went mad for a similar pair  last year. I'm so tempted to buy all three of these, they can be worn casual or dressed up in so many way's. 
Have you brought any 'winter boot's' yet? Do you like these?
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