23 October 2012

Birthday time!

Top - Topshop petit
Skirt - Ebay (seller no longer sells the one I brought, similar linked!)
Nightwalkers (not shown in post, see here) EBay

Sunday was my Birthday, and I'm now a whole year older since my last blog post. It's a little weird to think I'm now 18 and ~Technically~ an adult (scary stuff) But had a lovely weekend, also met up with my old best friend from school who I haven't seen in year's and tried on Lita's which reluctantly had to leave in the shop *sadface* also got stuck on numerous train stations in the pouring rain (never good when you have Primarni bags, major soppiness) waiting for trains and travel pass annoyances. Oh the fun.

My mum and I made my cake which I'm really happy with it came out just as I planned, I loveee the ombre heart's round the side so much.
Off to stay in London tomorrow as part of my birthday, so excited as I love wandering round London and taking far too many photo's. 
Thank you to everyone for your birthday messages!

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  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday Sam! The cake looks great :)
    Ashllyd.com x

  2. aww hope you had a great birthday! i LOVE that skirt :) you have such an amazing blog! followed! xx


  3. Happy birthday!
    Love your blog by the way, instant follow!



  4. Happy late birthday! Mine is tomorrow but I'm getting old now, 22. =( x

  5. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you have an amazing time in London! xx

  6. Haha that balloon is fab! Happy 18th xx



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