14 October 2012

Boucle biker Outfit of the day

Top - H&M
Necklace - Ebay
Jacket - Primark  (Similar here)
Skirt - Missguided

I feel like I haven't posted an outfit in age's so thought I would do one today half way through the night  I actually took these photo's at 1.30am oop's.
 I didn't have time during the day but wanted to write up a post. I found this jacket in Primark but they only had small sizes left so was really gutted leaving without one. Alas on my next trip in town my mum spotted load's on the sale rail and managed to pick one up in my size, £25 down to £10 yay! I love it so much it really goes with quite alot, and of course my favourite MissGuided skirt. I always feel quite 'smart' when wearing this.

Also, I passed my driving test first time on Friday which I'm super happy about. I had the nicest instructor which really made a big difference. It seemed all the silly driver's came out that day to thoroughly test me but I got through it. The time they took to check their sheet honestly felt like the longest few minute's ever. Huge hug's and thank's to the lovely ladies who wished me luck before my test & the congrat's on Twitter, My Ipod went crazy!

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  1. Congratulations on passing your test, and that outfit looks lovely x

    luceyloo.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. Congrats again! And I love this jacket. I saw it in Primark and nearly bought it! Regretting that I didn't now!

    Robyn Mayday

  3. Congrats! I was so happy when I got mine too! I love your outfit too, it is very chic and edgy! :)


  4. That jacket is gorgeous, what a bargain too! Congrats on passing ;)

  5. Gorgeous jacket, I was eyeing it up on my last trip but didn't have the money! It's perfect! Congrats on passing your driving test too, very jealous :-)


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