18 October 2012

Cupcake birthday nails

I fancied doing something cute & pink on my nail's for my birthday in a few day's, I thought cupcakes would be quite apt! 
I'd been wanting to paint some cute cupcakes on my nail's for a while, I always thought they would be a little bit tricky but these only took me half hour or so to do. I hadn't used OPI's Bubble Bath as of now because it always looked a little too light and thin of a shade. I was going to use my go to nude by Orly (used here) but it was too yellow based for what I wanted. Bubble Bath actually worked so well and was perfect for just what I wanted; light enough to look like my normal nail's and also thin enough to not scream there is a  "base nude" under the cupcakes.
I may do a little how to post for anyone wanting to re-create these nail's, if anyone would like to see how to do them? 

Do you like these? 
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  1. Omg these are so cute and amazing! Love them. Happy birthday for soon =)

  2. Aww I'd love to know how you did these, they're adorable!


  3. These are so cute!! I love nail art, would be lovely to see a little how to - you've done them so well :) X

  4. These are adorable but nail art always looks so complicated so I never give it a go :(


  5. these are so cute, wish my nails would grow so i could do pretty nail art. xoxo


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