16 October 2012

Marilyn Monroe for Mac 'Love Goddess' Lipstick

'Love Goddess' - Mac Cosmetics

Quite photo heavy but I'm really in love with this beautiful packaging. When I first saw a promo of these I definitely wanted to pick up at-least one thing in the collection purely for the packaging and Norma Jean. Of course this collection had to have red lipstick's, it surely wouldn't be very Marilyn without it. Mac also included a nude lipstick which actually looked very nice (covering all preferences) Of course when Mac bring out a limited edition collection people snap it up and even more so if it's pretty and out of norm packaging, this was so hard to get hold of! After seeing it pop up on Mac I waited until the morning but it was sold out by the time I went to order, after searching house of fraser, debenham's etc I had no luck except paying Selfridges and their rather pricey p&p. 
I'm so glad I managed to get it though it's so gorgeous, the packaging even more so in real life. It's a gorgeous pink tinted red satin lipstick with a strong colour pay off. 
It's such an un-usual pink but so lovely and even though I'd not want to use all this up I think this will be getting lot's of use. I would have loved to pick up Scarlet Ibis, it really look's like a perfect red lipstick.
The Marilyn Monroe is actually a sleeve packaging which reveal's a standard mac lipstick box (good if you want to keep the limited edition sleeve and back to mac the box) I love the little detail touch of the red lipstick print on the opening of the box, oh so Marilyn. 

I really liked the look of this collection and would have picked up more if Mac hadn't strangely hiked up the price's, hmm. 
I would have loved to see what Marilyn would have included herself if she was here to design it all. 

Did you pick anything up from this collection? Do you like the packaging?

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  1. I was playing with this colour in MAC, such a gorgeous colour so tempting!

  2. This is stunning & what a gorgeous colour!
    I actually saved money back to buy something from this collection but had so much difficulty finding any stores with it in stock :( Gutting


    1. I did too, i just about got hold of this. They sold out so fast! xx

  3. That's definitely my favourite colour!! Xo

  4. That is such a gorgeous color and the packaging always looks good when it's limited edition!


  5. I am loving the new Marilyn Monroe range, I think it's just so flawless. The colour of this lipstick looks fab and I love the packaging!

    Jessica xo

  6. This is so stunning! It's the absolute perfect shade of red and I really think it would suit everyone. Dammit, just when I thought I'd narrowed down my Christmas list!
    Mel x



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