19 October 2012

Week in photo's 14th October

(L-R) Cupcake nail's (Post soon!), Last driving lesson, Passed card's, yum, big pigeon, all day powercut :(, Before my driving test ee, diy inspo, Surprise Card, New lipstick's (post soon!), oh hi feet~, Cookies, Pretty Sunset, Baking haul?, wooly hat, Got out the Christmas furry sock's, Panda hat kind'a day, Treat's for passing, I passed!, Cake pop's

It's been a very exciting but strange week. I passed my driving test which was so exciting, nerves totally took over me but luckily I had the nicest friendly instructor and I pulled myself together. Also been practising baking my birthday cake repeatedly, never sure why I decide to bake my own cake instead of buying one from Tesco's but nothing wrong with having a go! 
Very excited for next week as it's my birthday, starting to feel a bit old but yay.

Hope everyone had a nice week



  1. Congrats of passing your driving test first time! xo

  2. Great photos, congrats on your driving test.



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