28 October 2012

Week in photo's 21st-28th October

OOTD (post here), Yummy Twirl, Amazing street performer's, Wooly hat sort of day, Make-up brush cleaning time, Brought a car!!, Riding Pant's, Stuck on train's, Basket full- shopping time!, A.A Easy Jean's, Healthy eating, Harrod's, new top, new Oyster Card, Graffiti, Big Ben, Amazing art show in London, Pumpkin time, Finally tried on some Lita's, Love

Had a busy lovely filled week! This time last week was my 18th, I then brought my own little car which feel's so so strange but amazing, went on my first drive since my test. Spent a few day's in London and biked around the city, shopped. Being terrified on a rickshaw down Oxford Street, trying on thing's/ falling in love with item's in American Apparel & Jeffrey Campbell that hurt bank balances.
Feel like I haven't had a time to stop and just breathe for month's but sometimes being busy help's everything. 

Hope everyone has had a nice week!

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