30 November 2012

Lush Jackie Oates colour supplement

Lush - £8.50

I finally picked up this little pot of loveliness in Covent Garden's a while ago. Apparently good for 'Fairer folk & English roses' I hoped I would finally find a foundation/tinted moisturiser to suit my very pale skin. I love that it contain's moisturising ingredient's, especially for my winter dry skin; Honey, Shea Butter etc. Honey is a big favourite of mine in skincare.
This is designed to be mixed in with your normal facial moisturiser for sheer coverage or used straight from the pot for more. This is a nice tinted moisturiser/foundation but it's not my go-to favourite un-fortunately. I found once it had been applied it smelt much like a biscuit smell, which I didn't like.  I'm guessing it was the Oat Milk possibly. Even though it look's like you get the tiniest amount in the little pot I find I don't need to use alot each time as it's quite thick & opaque yet still creamy and Blendable so hopefully it does last long. 

Have you tried any Lush make-up before?

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25 November 2012

A Crafty Christmas #1 - DIY Wrapping paper for present's

Using un-usual paper's and object's as a way to wrap present's at Christmas is something I love to do. I probably spend more time decorating and wrapping present's then anything else. Decorating and making present's look pretty really shouldn't cost alot and it's nice to up-cycle item's.  This sheet music also has it's advantage's, it's so much thicker and durable then standard paper.
I picked up some music sheet's for a few pence each in a charity shop and even though they are so pretty with their illustration's to cut up and use (I kept a few back!) they make the cutest un-usual wrapping paper. I personally always use double sided tape as It look's much neater un-seen. I think anyone will love the look of this when they go to open it- A big musical lover even more.
You can keep it like it is or tie some string, ribbon or bow's on it. 
I have many more Christmas post's for a very Crafty Christmas coming soon!

Do you enjoy wrapping up the present's? Do you like this?
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22 November 2012

Rain without an umbrella-Outfit!

Top - H&M, Necklace - EBay, Skirt - Miss Guided, Shoes - Primark, Jacket - Vintage Shop, Earring's* - Pretty Edgy , Hat - H&M (Similar Here!)
As you can see from the 3rd photo it was raining when I took these, I'm probably a little bit crazy for taking these outfit photo's in the heavy rain & wind with the reward of a horrible cold. A little bit of brightening you wouldn't even tell it was a horrible rainy November day. 
I do love my camo Jacket though, even if Primark have now brought them out with everyone & their mother wearing one. I picked it up when I went to London for my Birthday last month in my favourite Vintage Shop. 
Really loving my stud earring's from Pretty Edgy too, I've actually been looking for the perfect stud earring's like this for ages and these are so lovely.

I've actually had a good week so far and let's hope my luck stay's!
I'm starting my new job next week which I'm really excited for, eee. I met with my old best friend the other day which was actually so lovely and strange, it's been 2 year's so it was super lovely. I drove us home which felt so weird and the funniest time attempting to put petrol in the car (long story) I'm starting to really feel ~grown up~ which in a way is scary, it only feel's like we were 15 at school doing art coursework, oh life.

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20 November 2012

A whole lot of leaves

A few image's of thing's this/last week, it's feeling so so cold now and the garden is basically covered in leaves instead of grass which actually look's rather pretty. I found out I got the job a few day's after my interview (yayayay!) So I met up with an old friend and set the task to find me some all black uniform which is much harder then you think!
My nan's vanity she gifted me for my 18th is now sitting proudly on my wardrobe with my favourite style book's on top & a Chanel bag, If only it was a real one! I have a DIY post coming soon ready for a very Crafty Christmas.

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15 November 2012

Winter Trend favourites #2 - Christmas Jumper's

(L-R) here, here, here

Whether you love them or hate them, I think everyone secretly love's a good cheesy christmas jumper.  
I had to include these as part of my 'Winter trend favourite' series, how could I not? A christmas wouldn't be complete. 
They usually cost alot more in vintage shop's the closer it is to Christmas, but EBay has some really good nice one's for reasonable prices. 

Are you a fan of Christmas jumper's? Will you be wearing your own Christmas morning?

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13 November 2012

How I take blog photo's in low winter light - Review

Today I have something I'm very excited to be posting about, mainly because it's my new favourite thing for my camera and something I can't be without this winter- even all year round. 
After reading many #bbloggers chat's over the month's it seem's many other blogger's have the same issue as me; when it come's to photographing thing's for post's in winter it can be the biggest pain. Using flash bounce's off the item's and ruin's images, not using flash it's too dark and off colour. Introducing my new favourite item, the 'Light Tipper'.

Now, yes it does look just a little bit odd sitting there on your camera, chilling. But it's the most handy thing I have in my camera bag. 
When you are taking photo's in low-light and darkness the flash tend's to automatically pop up, I absolutely dis-like using flash ever. In my opinion it ruin's photo's with red-eye, over exposure and just washed out image's. How this work's is your attach it on the top of your camera and reflect's the flash by making it bounce off the mirror on to a wall or object behind you. This mean's instead of the harsh flash bouncing off of the object you are photographing e.g make-up product's, you for outfit photo's etc. It instead bounces off of the wall yet still make's you achieve a nice bright image. 

£3.95 - Available here
With this you really do not need to do much with the lighting, you could easily take images in a dark room and just use this with flash. Now the winter evening's are drawing in earlier and earlier it can be hard for people who work or study during the day to come home and take photo's with bad lighting. I'm a huge perfectionist when it come's to images and this work's amazingly well. 

I think the image's below do most of the talking;

L-R Taken as the sun is setting but still little daylight, using normal pop-up flash alone, Using the Light tipper with flash, off of the camera

The above daylight photo probably isn't the best example, by the time I took these photo's it was 10 minute's before darkness as the sun was setting! In some cases I prefer to use the light tipper as it seem's to give photo's that bit more oomph and brightness that light umbrella's give, you can definitely see the difference in the image's. Sometimes it's hard to believe I can achieve the normal looking images while using this and flash, it really was so so dark in the room when I took it.
I even used this when I took an outfit photo in my post here  Which I actually took half way through the night at 1am so It was pretty dark.

This is also such a little bargain, it only cost me £4. For the effect and handiness it gives it's worth every penny. 

This is actually a 'dupe' for the lightscoop which is actually $30-60 and not readily available in the U.K so if you were looking for that, this does the exact same job for alot less.

This fit's on most slr's etc with a pop up flash & attachment, most Canon's & Nikon's. I would recommend checking before buying. 

Available to buy here 
Do you like this? How do you deal with taking blog photo's in the winter?

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8 November 2012

don't you worry don't you worry child

Hat - H&M (similar here), Jumper - Primark, Skirt - MissGuided, Shoes - Primark, Bag - Local market (Same bag here), Sunglasses - Ebay

As you can tell from the last photo it was super windy and cold out today, even if the sun was shining! 
I picked up this bargain jumper the other day when I went for a little shop and really love it, have a feeling this will be good with everything.
I actually ~ombre'd~ my hair after taking these photo's and really love how it came out, may do a post/video about how I did it as I did it a little strangely. It can sometimes be a bit tricky doing it with darker hair as it can go coppery/brassy. I think it came out so much better and may be handy for anyone thinking about doing it at home too.

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7 November 2012

Winter Trend Favourites #1 - Velvet skater dresses

(L-R) here, here, here 

I never used to be a huge fan of anything Velvet but in the past year's I've really loved it in winter. Especially skater skirt's and dresses. These would be perfect for any Christmas parties and even dressed down during the day with a light coloured cardigan and tight's. 
I really love the detail to them rather then just normal skater dresses, I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite but I think the bow detail to the back of the first is very 'Topshop
Some velvet dresses can be a bit pricey but these are a bargain. 
Velvet is now a firm winter favourite for me, and I definitely will be picking up one for this chilly season.

Do you like velvet? Do you like these?

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4 November 2012

What I've been up to ~ Weekly Round Up

Today I thought I would do something a little different to my usual 'Weekly Round up' square post's and post these photo's, just some going's on in London & Halloween.
I had an amazing trip to London for my birthday and actually did quite alot, we went to Harrod's for a little shop and then had our first (terrifying) ride down Oxford Street in a rickshaw (never again) vintage shopping in South London and staying in the heart of my favourite place; Covent Garden's. 

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