30 November 2012

Lush Jackie Oates colour supplement

Lush - £8.50

I finally picked up this little pot of loveliness in Covent Garden's a while ago. Apparently good for 'Fairer folk & English roses' I hoped I would finally find a foundation/tinted moisturiser to suit my very pale skin. I love that it contain's moisturising ingredient's, especially for my winter dry skin; Honey, Shea Butter etc. Honey is a big favourite of mine in skincare.
This is designed to be mixed in with your normal facial moisturiser for sheer coverage or used straight from the pot for more. This is a nice tinted moisturiser/foundation but it's not my go-to favourite un-fortunately. I found once it had been applied it smelt much like a biscuit smell, which I didn't like.  I'm guessing it was the Oat Milk possibly. Even though it look's like you get the tiniest amount in the little pot I find I don't need to use alot each time as it's quite thick & opaque yet still creamy and Blendable so hopefully it does last long. 

Have you tried any Lush make-up before?

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  1. This looks like a really nice product, shame about the smell once it on xx

  2. This looks gorgeous, I didn't even know that Lush made makeup past the lip pots and polishes!
    Rubbish that it smells like a biscuit though! Haha :)

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx


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